UH/HCC Engineering Partnership

UH/HCC Engineering Academies at Katy & Fraga Eastside

UH/HCC Engineering Academy

The UH/HCC Engineering Academy is a unique engineering partnership between the University of Houston (UH) and Houston Community College (HCC).  Students can select between two convenient locations: 

  • Katy – I10/Hwy 99 – (UH) 22400 Grand Circle Blvd. & (HCC) 22910 Colonial Parkway, Katy, TX  77449
  • Fraga Eastside – one mile east of Downtown Houston at the HCC Felix Fraga Campus–301 N. Drennan, Houston, Texas 77003


The UH/HCC Engineering Academy students are co-enrolled at both institutions from the moment they are accepted into the Academy. Core curriculum courses will be completed through HCC while the engineering courses will be taken from the UH Cullen College of Engineering faculty either at the University of Houston at Katy or HCC Fraga Eastside.  UH/HCC Engineering Academy students are official UH Engineering Cougars from the very first day!

After completing all Academy requirements, students then transition to the UH Main campus to complete their bachelor’s degrees in Civil, Electrical, Computer, Industrial or Mechanical Engineering. Academy requirements are designed to be completed in one or two years.

In addition, UH/HCC Engineering Academy students have access to 3 new engineering degrees that can be completed at UH at Katy:  Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering & Analytics, and Construction Engineering. 

NOTE:  Students interested in pursuing the UH-HCC Engineering Academy MUST apply to the University of Houston as either an Incoming Freshman OR Transfer Student, at https://www.uh.edu/admissions/ choosing any Engineering major as a first choice.

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Application and Program Details

UH/HCC Engineering Academy Application Process

How to Apply:

  • High School students applying for the UH/HCC Engineering Academy will complete the Apply Texas application for both HCC and UH - GoApplyTexas
    • Apply to Houston Community College 
    • Complete the UH/HCC Engineering Academy application.  The information can be updated when transcripts, UH ID# and the UH Letter of Acceptance are available. 
    • Apply to UH Main, and select Cullen College of Engineering as first and second choice school with any Engineering major as your first and second choice major
  • HCC and other college students who wish to participate in the UH/HCC Engineering Academy will complete the Apply Texas application for UH, and complete the UH/HCC Engineering Academy application.
  • HCC and UH will review all UH/HCC Engineering Academy applications submitted. 


Documents required to complete the Academy application:

  • High School and/or College Transcripts:  upload a copy of all transcripts which outline all grades and courses earned.
  • Letter of Acceptance from the University of Houston Main Campus.
  • ACT, SAT or Math Placement scores, OR College Math credit


Reminders when using the Online Application:

  1. Recommended browser:  Please use an updated common browser such as Firefox or Safari.  If issues occur, change browsers.
  2. To prevent data loss, please "Save" frequently.  "Save and Exit" would allow you to return to your SAVED application form through email.  Do not use the browser "Back" button nor refresh your screen during your application data entry, which may also lead to data loss. 
  3. You may verify your application status through the email notifications which will be sent to the email address you specify in this application.  It is the applicant's responsibility to enter a valid email address and to check the email frequently to ensure effective communication throughout the various stages of the application process. 
  4. After submission, always have your application link available when checking your online application status or updating the information. 
  5. For technical issues, contact the IT Service Desk through 713-718-8800.
  6. For applicant questions regarding the UH/HCC Engineering Academy: engracademy@uh.edu
  7. All attachments must be PDF documents. Do not submit documents in JPEG format.


UH/HCC Engineering Academy Application Workflow Overview:

Application/Required Documents; Advisor Review; Academy Approval; Academy Offer



Who can apply?

  • High School graduates: Ideally students are prepared to enroll in college level Calculus I.  Options are also available for students at college-level Pre-Calculus status.
  • Current college students: Must be prepared for college-level Pre-Calculus or Calculus, have a 3.0 GPA, and able to enroll in the designated cohort courses of Chemistry, Calculus, and Physics
  • Students who have been newly admitted to UH for Fall 2023 and would like to pursue an alternate degree path for a four-year engineering degree may also choose to apply to the Engineering Academy through the UH/HCC Engineering Academy Application



Benefits of the UH/HCC Engineering Academy

There are many advantages for students enrolled in the UH/HCC Engineering Academy, including:

  • Co-enrollment at UH and HCC - The following courses will be taken at each partner institution:
    • All engineering courses will be taught by UH faculty and completed at UH at Katy or at HCC Fraga Eastside, depending on the Academy location.
    • HCC faculty will lead all math, science and other core curriculum courses at the HCC Katy campus or the HCC Fraga Campus;
  • Access to student services, activities and organizations at both institutions, including resources and amenities at the University of Houston Main Campus.
  • Smaller class sizes for all engineering, math and science cohort courses. Student-faculty ratios are purposely kept low to allow for more individualized educational support and a greater opportunity for success;
  • Significantly lower tuition and fees.  Save from $11,300- $33,000! Students pay per course and are charged by the institution through which it is offered.
  • Engineering Academy students who earn a minimum 3.25 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at both HCC and UH and fulfill the required coursework will be automatically admitted to their first-choice engineering major upon completion of the academy, typically at the end of their second year.
  • Students that apply early and are approved will have the benefit of enrolling early in cohort classes when the fall 2023 enrollment begins.


The Ideal Academy Candidate

  • Student is ready for Calculus I (MATH 2413) and Chemistry I (CHEM 1311). However, options are available to students that are at the Pre-Calculus level.
  • Student is admissible to both UH Main and HCC: UH Admissions criteria: http://www.uh.edu/admissions/ 
    • Note: students do not have to be accepted into the Cullen College of Engineering.
  • If currently in college, student has a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or higher. GPA will include repeat courses.
  • Student has a flexible schedule for cohort classes, which are defined as math, science, and engineering. Cohort classes are taught at pre-determined times.
  • Student is committed to a rigorous academic schedule including at least one math, one science, and one engineering course each long semester.
  • Student does not have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Student is not a former UH student.
  • Student is interested in earning a 4-year degree in Civil, Electrical, Computer, Industrial or Mechanical Engineering. 
  • Start in Katy – Finish in Katy! Academy students also have the option of earning 3 new engineering degrees that are offered at UH at Katy:  Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering & Analytics, and Construction Engineering.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Admission requirements for UH Main:  All students accepted into the UH/HCC Engineering Academy will also be co-enrolled at the University of Houston Main Campus.  http://www.uh.edu/admissions/


Math Placement Exam (MPE) and Math Requirements:

  • The ACT, SAT or HCC Math Placemet Exam will be used to place participants in the appropriate math course.
  • UH/HCC Engineering Academy participants who are determined not “pre-calculus ready” will be required to take the HCC MPE. After acceptance into the UH/HCC Engineering Academy and at the discretion of the UH/HCC Engineering Academy administrators, participants may be required to take the UH MPE.
  • UH/HCC Engineering Academy participants must complete their calculus sequence (Calculus I and II) or the required calculus for the engineering major of interest at HCC prior to beginning full time enrollment in an engineering major at UH.

Tuition and Fees:  In-District verses Out-of-District:   

Residents of the Houston Community College service area (Houston ISD, Stafford MSD, part of Missouri City, Alief and North Forest ISD) are considered In-District for fee purposes if they meet the basic residency requirements. These areas are in the taxing district for HCC.  All other areas that are not in the HCC taxing district are considered Out-of-District. 

Academy Cost Analysis:  Estimated Tuition Breakdown for a 2-year Academy degree plan for the 2022-23 Academic year versus attending UH Full Time for 2 years:

   UH/HCC Engineering Academy - 2 years:

  • HCC In-District/UH Resident:  $13,961
  • HCC Out-of-District/UH Resident:  $18,459
  • HCC Out-of-State/UH Non-Resident:  $30,310


UH Full Time - 2 years

  • UH In-State Full Time:  $29,785
  • UH Out-of-State Full Time Tuition:  $63,314




Scholarships:  In order to maximize your financial opportunities, all UH/HCC Engineering Academy students are encouraged to apply for the HCC Foundation Scholarship:  https://www.hccsfoundation.org/annualscholarship

Applications opened on January 1 Scholarships | Houston Community College - HCC (hccs.edu)

The scholarship application is composed of sections requesting personal, academic and financial information. Although there are numerous types of scholarship programs available, you will only need to complete one application. 

Will my UH scholarship apply to the Academy?  The majority of the Private sector (WalMart, Target, Church, etc.,) scholarships may be used at any college, university, or post-secondary higher education institution.   Since Houston Community College is the "host" institution, please contact the funding organization to transfer the funds to HCC: https://www.hccs.edu/applying-and-paying/financial-aid/scholarships/

* Note:  Most UH scholarships will not apply to Academy tuition until students transition out of the Engineering Academy into the third year of the desired UH program.


Financial Aid:  https://www.hccs.edu/applying-and-paying/financial-aid/

  • Please visit http://www.fafsa.gov20 to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using HCC's School Code (010422). The information you provide determines whether you qualify for federal and state grants and for federal loans.
  • FALL 2023-2024 FINANCIAL AID: If you plan to attend HCC during Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and/or Summer 2024, you need to fill out the 2023–2024 FAFSA form.
  • After you apply for financial aid, you will receive a communication email that will notify you that HCC has received your application along with other instructions, such as additional documentation required. Your HCC Financial Aid Advisor will assist you in processing your eligible funding.


Transcripts & Test Scores:

If transcripts cannot be uploaded with the application, you may request that transcripts be submitted to HCC electronically or to the Academy email:  hcc.uhengracademy@hccs.edu. HCC accepts PDF transcripts directly from the service providers such as Credentials, Parchment, and National Student Clearinghouse.  The email should be sent to admissions@hccs.edu
* https://www.hccs.edu/resources-for/current-students/transcripts/


Veterans:  https://www.hccs.edu/support-services/veteran-affairs/

International Students:  https://www.hccs.edu/support-services/international-students/


For more information, Email: engracademy@uh.edu


Traditional Pathway

Students planning to pursue their engineering degree at the University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering can also complete the first two years of their four-year engineering degree at Houston Community College. The HCC Associate of Science in Engineering Science (ASES) degree can be tailored to maximize the number of courses transferable to the Engineering degree programs. By so doing, students can cut the cost of their engineering degree in half. Every year, a large number of HCC students transfer into the UH Engineering program.

HCC ASES Degree: www.hccs.edu/engineers


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Additional Resources

Click on the links below for more information:

For additional information

HCC: Jeffrey Stear 

Engineering/STEM Program Director
Phone: 713-718-5784



UH:  Rick Walsh
Academic Advisor II
UH/HCC Engineering Academies 

Phone: (713) 743-3653