HCC pathway to SFA

Maximize your HCC credits at SFA

The interior design industry in Houston is growing, with graduates earning an average annual income of $60,000. Design your future at HCC – earn your Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees from HCC and SFA, and start your career as a Registered Interior Designer.

Fall 2017 SFA classes are all online and Spring 2018 SFA classes are traditional face to face.

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Step 1: These classes are REQUIRED transfer classes to the SFA program

Core curriculm  and Interior Design classes

Communication - 6 hours
Mathematics - 3 hours
Life & Physical Sciences - 6 hours
Language, Philosophy, Culture - 3 hours
Creative Arts - 3 hours
American History - 6 hours must take this classes (HIST 1301, HIST 1302)
Government/Political Science - 6 hours
Social Behavioral Science - 3 hours
Component Area Options – 6 must take this classes (SPCH 1315, SPCH 1318)

See HCC Academic Core

 Required Interior Design transfer classes

Interior Design Major ( INDS 2315, INDS 1311, INDS 2321, INDS 1349, INDS 1370, INDS 2313, INDS 1315) - 21 hours

Support Areas  (ARTS 1316, ARTS 1312, ARTS 2348, INDS 1341) - 15 hours

See course finder to enroll


Step 2: Attend the Readiness Assessment prior to acceptance

Readiness Assessment

The ID Readiness Assessment is the chosen format for a student to demonstrate his/her ability to advance within the SFA Interior Design Program.

Students are required to sit for a day long skill assessment before taking HMS 314 & 314 L or taking leveling courses to compile with interior design standards.
Visit (http://www.sfasu.edu/hms/199.asp) for more information on the Readiness Assessment Process.


Step 3: A Minimum of 42 hours MUST be taken at SFA

SFA Transfer-Student approved policy
A Minimum of 42 hours MUST be taken at SFA with 36 hours being advanced.

Departmental Requirements (7 hrs)
HMS 100 , 300, 400(1)

Major (29 hrs)
HMS 113 (I hr), 312&L, 314 & L, 319, 410, 412&L, 414&L, 413 (2 hrs), 418, 420 (2hrs), AGR 480/425&L 

Support Area (3 hrs)
AGM 326 or HRT 326 

Remain (3 hrs)
HMS 426 or 3 adv hrs of electives

* Students must receive a C (2.0)or above on All Interior Design courses to satisfy degree components from both HCC and SFA.



Kevin Hamby, RID, IDEC, ASID, IIDA

HCC Interior Design Program Coordinator

Fine Arts Center Building Room 319 3517 Austin Street, Houston, TX 77004

Sally Ann Swearingen, Associate Professor

Stephen F. Austin State University School of Human Sciences

615 Home Economics Dr., Nacogdoches, TX 75962