Governmental & External Affairs

Governmental & External Affairs



The Office of Governmental & External Affairs (OGEA) serves as the liaison between Houston Community College and governmental entities at the federal, state and local levels. Its principal objective is to help develop and advance the HCC legislative agenda in collaboration with the board of trustees, chancellor, campus presidents, executive administration, and other key stakeholders.

The OGEA works closely with federal and state policy makers and their staffs, the governor’s office, and other government entities and agencies and officials to help promote quality higher education that responds to the needs of students and the community. The OGEA also plans, organizes, coordinates, directs and monitors all activities and operations related to policy-making actions by outside governmental entities that potentially affect HCC.


88th Legislative Session

HCC 88th Legislative Session Final Report (PDF)

HCC 88th Legislative Session Final Report (RTF)

HCC 88th Legislative Priorities (PDF)

HCC 88th Legislative Priorities (RTF)

HCC Talking Points

  • Investing in Community College (PDF + RTF)
  • Dual Credit & Senior Waivers (PDF + RTF)
  • Equitable Access (PDF + RTF)
  • Adequate Funding (PDF + RTF)

Download Taking Points (PDF)

Download Taking Points (RTF)