United Student Council

United Student Council

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Welcome to USC!

The United Student Council is a district-wide student government organization that represents the greater Houston Community College District. It was founded by members of various HCC campus student government associations and is comprised of six executive board members along with supporting student senators. It is housed in the Department of Recreational Sports and Student Activities. Unlike Student Government Associations that are campus specific, the USC has advisory jurisdiction on matters of concern regarding all HCC locations.

 Senators of the USC are responsible for maintaining and/or improving the standards of the college district. They hold regular meetings to discuss ongoing issues and concerns of the student population. Senators are generally active members of the campuses they represent. Furthermore, being a senator provides students with a platform to represent their peers and contribute to HCC's betterment. In return, they are rewarded with experience, travel opportunities, stipends and much more.

 The USC is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring student leaders to get involved in extra-curricular activities and expand their horizons. Proclaimed as the voice of the students, the United Student Council strives to uphold the HCC experience. 

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Executive Board

President: Danielle Currier-Graves

Vice President: Corey Glover

Secretary: Hamza Khan

Treasurer: Talhatou Diallo

Historian: Christine Mompoint

Parliamentarian: Vacant



Students are encouraged to reach out to their college USC Senator or SGA Officers to address any college-related concerns.



In your Email Subject Line, Please Identify your Home Campus and Your Concern

ex: Central Campus: Suggestion for Campus Improvement