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Meet your International Student Ambassador

Want to talk to a current Houston Community College student?

International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) are current international students ready to share their experiences, answer your questions, and help other international students throughout their journey. Please contact us and we will try to connect you with a student from your region.


Abiatou Sidibe Samira
Country: Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire)
Major: Business


My full name is Abiatou Sidibe Samira, and my mother country is Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire). As an international student, Houston Community College has given me wonderful things than I expected, starting from confidence to pride, and integrity. I used to be scared to leave my comfort zone and face my fellows’ judgments. Houston Community College helps me surmount the barriers that have stopped me since my high school years. If I have to say one word to describe what I have gained so far from HCC, I will say faith. As an ISA member, I want to guide all international students to the pathway of an unstoppable mindset. I am certain that with this 2022-2023 team, it will happen

Yulian Desta Bolka

Country: Ethiopia

Major: Mechanical Engineering



My name is Yulian Desta Bolka and I’m from Ethiopia. I chose HCC because it was affordable, very diverse and had a lot of great programs to choose from. As an international student coming to a new country that you are unfamiliar with might be challenging, but the diversity in HCC really helps with it. There are a lot of international students here at HCC, so I learnt and related to their struggles and stories, which helped me out a lot. HCC also has a great opportunity for engineering programs, that is the partnerships it has with some of Houston’s top Universities. Therefore, choosing HCC was a no brainer for me.





Sayma Said El Hoderi

Country: Libya

Major: Nutrition



My name is Sayma Said El Hoderi. I am from Libya. I went to high school in Turkey, so I know all about the struggles that international students have students have when it’s their first time in a foreign country. I decided to apply to be an international student ambassador so that I could help international students with any difficulties that they might face. I first heard about HCC(Houston Community College) from my brother that has also been a student here in the past, and I am glad that I made the decision to go to HCC. The community and opportunities that are here are ones of the best. I hope that you all can find and benefit from all the opportunities supplied as I do.


Josue Canaza

Country: Peru

Major: Biology



I am an international student pursuing an A.S. in Biology at HCC, also I am part of the Honors Program at Central. In my experience, Houston Community College has been a place full of opportunities to advance and excel academically. Besides that, the diversity of Houston is well-reflected in the academic experience and social environment. The variety of cultures represented at HCC offers a great learning opportunity, it's always been exciting to share experiences with friends from different backgrounds. The thriving academic environment is also worthy of notice, the small class sizes facilitate learning and engagement with professors. I would also highlight The Honors Program at HCC, which has provided the social environment and academic resources that have been beneficial to a great extent for my overall experience.

Marta Pemba Sambo

Country: Angola

Major: Computer Information Systems


My name is Marta Sambo. I’m from Angola, I’m one of the International Student Ambassadors at Houston Community College. My sister studied at HCC and she told me that I should go to Houston because it's affordable compared to other places in the United States. I chose HCC not only for being affordable, but also for being accredited. Right now, I am majoring in Computer Information Systems. In the future, I wish to become a Data Analysist.



Thy Nguyen

Country: Vietnam

Major: Child Development


My name is Thy Nguyen. I am from Vietnam. I am currently pursuing the major of Child Development. My first degree is bachelor of English at a university. Child Development will be my second bachelor’s degree. For this second degree, I choose Houston Community College because the tuition fee is affordable. After I get an associate degree from Houston Community College, I can transfer to a university to get a four-year degree. Furthermore, HCC also offers a variety of programs, which provides students with more options. They can consider more choices of careers in their future. My best advice for future students is to be active and confident. When you are active and confident, you can have more opportunities to make your dreams come true.


Sarah El Hoderi

Country: Libya

Major: Business


Hi, I am Sarah El Hoderi. I graduated from high school four years ago not knowing whether to study abroad nor which major I wanted to study. When I came to HCC, I still did not know what to study but fortunately. That was not an obstacle for me to start my self growth journey. I just started taking classes and working on having more opportunities. Today, I am still not sure what to study lol but at least I am almost graduating with a business associate degree, a student president of Central campus. Also, a managing officer for three other organizations. After spending a year at HCC, I have a clear vision of my professional goals and what I would love to do in my life. The message I want to deliver is that: You do not have to know exactly what you want to do in order to move forward. You will discover it while going through your journey. Just be optimistic, keep going and enjoy the process.


F-1 Student Activities

F-1 International Student Ambassadors

Are you an aspiring leader on your HCC campus or in the community? Would you like to help first-year and transfer F-1 international students adjust to life at HCC and in Houston? If so, please consider applying to become an F-1 International Student Ambassador (ISA)!

This is a very enriching volunteer opportunity. As an ISA, you would play a crucial role in introducing other international students to campus life and the services that are available to them while studying at HCC. You would also gain valuable leadership experience while taking part in some very fun activities throughout the academic year!

For more information on how to become an ISA, please review the applicant requirements below and the list of responsibilities. The next application period is now open please complete your application.

We look forward to having you eventually join us as an F-1 International Student Ambassador!

Applicant Requirements

  • Must be an F-1 international student in good standing at HCC
  • Had to have attended HCC for at least one year at the time of application
  • Must maintain a grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.5
  • Plans to attend HCC for the semester in which you are applying to be an International Student Ambassador


  • If chosen as an International Student Ambassador, you must attend a mandatory training session and that semester's International Student Orientation
  • Help first-year and transfer international students to make adjustments to life at HCC and in Houston
  • Help introduce incoming students to campus life and services available to them through the Office of Internation Student Services and other HCC departments.
  • Serve as an ambassador for HCC while traveling back home and elsewhere abroad
  • Volunteer to attend outreach events (community events, festivals, etc.) as a student ambassador
  • May be asked to assist students/families at various HCC events for students and the community, such as orientations, open house, career workshops, transfer fairs, job fairs, etc.
  • Speak with incoming international students about your experiences at HCC and how studying here has helped you achieve your goals
  • Be a part of an International Student Leader council that meets a few times each semester to discuss ways to improve the international student experience here at HCC
  • May be featured/interviewed in HCC videos about student success stories

Student Ambassador Application


Student Events Calendar

The Office of International Services & Programs (ISP)  hosts events throughout the year to help F-1 students adjust to life at HCC and to achieve their career aspirations. From international student transfer fairs to career workshops to open houses, there are events that prove beneficial for every F-1 student.

To see what events are coming up and how you can participate, please visit the ISP Calendar site