HCC Texas Success Initiative Assessment

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Pre-Assessment Activity

How can you prepare for the test?  


ACCUPLACER student portal (TSIA2 Information and Study App)

Steps to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity 

  1. Review the study materials for the TSIA2. TSIA2 Info and Study App
  2. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity
  3. Once you complete Pre-Assessment Activity you will receive a PAA completion email.
  4. Provide the PAA confirmation email to an advisor to get an Assessment Authorization Form (TSIA Test form)
  5. Select your testing location and  check TSIA testing schedules: https://www.hccs.edu/resources-for/current-students/testing-services/

Contact Us

For more information about the TSI Assessment and how to register, visit https://www.hccs.edu/resources-for/current-students/testing-services/ or email hcc.testing@hccs.edu