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Houston Community College is committed to your success. We offer free one-on-one tutoring in-person at our campuses, real-time video conference tutoring, and Online asynchronous tutoring to current HCCS students. Faculty tutors, peer tutors, and lab assistants are available to help with English, Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Spanish, INRW, ESOL, and much more. We can help you stay on track with your coursework, understand assignments, and improve your study skills.

Option 1: Virtually meet with a tutor through video conference

Call 713-718-8184 to schedule an appointment

Monday & Thursday: 8am-8pm, Tuesday & Wednesday: 8am-10pm; Friday: 8am-4pm, & Saturday: 9am-3pm




Option 2: In-person tutoring

Call 713-718-8184 to schedule an appointment, or visit www.hccs.edu/findatutor to see the subject/tutor schedules at the locactions listed below:

  • Alief Campus, Main building, Rm B137-139
  • Coleman Campus, Health Science Tower, Rm 113
  • Central Campus, San Jacinto Bld., Rm 384
  • Eastside Campus, Angela Morales Bld., Rm 210.1 & 210.2
  • Missouri City, Rm 211
  • Northeast, Learning Hub, Rm 301
  • Northline Campus, Building A, Rm 423
  • Spring Branch Campus, Rm RC11 & 703
  • Stafford Campus, Temporarily in Learning Hub Bld., Library, Rm 155
  • West Loop Campus, Rm 137
  • Katy Campus, Rm: Math 150 J & Writing Center 321


Option 3: Submit an assignment to be reviewed online at hccs.Upswing.io

Submit questions and papers 24/7/365 and get responses and feedback within 48 hours - and usually much faster!

Registration is simple:

• Go to hccs.upswing.io
• Use your Eagle ID (W-number) as your username and your HCC student e-mail password as your Upswing password.


Watch the video on the bottom of the login-page to see how it all works. Check out the online Tutoring Resource Center link from the log-in page. Feel free to use whatever materials you want from the Resource Center. It is not necessary to log in to watch the video and use the Resource Center.

• Annotating Plagiarism
• What Tutors Do and Don’t Do
• Why Asynchronous?


Resources for Microsoft Teams:

  • Microsoft TEAMS is accessible to students when they log into their HCC email (Microsoft 365).
    • From your Eagle Landing Page, click on Mail and log in with your student email credentials
    • Call HCC IT technical support if you encounter log-in issues (713-718-8800)
  • Microsoft TEAMS training videos
  • Tutoring Call Center representatives will be available to assist as well.


Our Tutoring Centers are here to help you succeed

The College Reading & Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) has certified the HCC face-to-face Tutoring Program as a Level 1 Certified Tutor provider. CRLA granted certification for the HCC Tutor programs at the Southeast, Southwest, Central, Coleman, Northeast & Northwest campuses to issue certificates to tutors who meet their requirements. Since 1989, over 1,000 college tutor training programs around the globe have received ITTPC at one or more levels.


International Tutor Training Program Certification Logo

15 Years and Still Growing Strong

Online tutoring by HCC Upswing is approaching 15 years of service to students, yet we still provide the same personalized tutoring with dedicated, accredited HCC faculty tutors. Students and faculty can access online tutoring at hccs.upswing.io. Students can use their HCC Student ID (W-number) and HCC email password, and faculty can use their HCC email and associated password. A video explaining how the tutoring platform works is located on the bottom of the Upswing log in page. We hope you will continue to use this valuable resource. For more information, please contact Alex G. Kanakis at alex.kanakis@hccs.edu.


Contact Us

Hiring Managers for HCC Tutoring Services:

Learning Centers (Central’s Learning Emporium, Coleman- Health Science Tower)
PH: 713-718-5850

Learning Centers (Eastside, Fraga, Missouri City, Stafford, & Westloop)
PH: 713-718-7261

Learning Centers (Alief, Katy, Northeast, North Forrest, Northline, & Spring Branch)
PH: 713-718-8189

Learning Centers (District Office)

Online Tutoring (Upswing)
PH: 713-718-5449