Emergency Help

Help for Financial Emergencies and Disaster Recovery

We get that while you're working hard to manage bills, work, family and school — "life" can shift your focus away from class. Whatever the case may be, we have resources to help you not let a financial emergency take your attention away from school. Current students facing financial emergencies during the semester due to COVID-19 or other reasons are encouraged to apply for available emergency aid based on need eligibility requirements.

Below you will find details, eligibility requirements and application process for aid available to help with financial emergencies or disaster recovery.  If you are approved to receive emergency aid funds, you will not have to pay those funds back. For questions, please email hcc.specialgrants@hccs.edu.

Emergency Aid Resources

Financial Aid Adjustment for Students Experiencing Unemployment


If you completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using taxed or untaxed income that has changed due to the COVID-19 national crisis, you may be eligible for an adjustment to your 2019-2020 and/or 2020-2021 FAFSA income data. 

  • If you, or any of your family members listed on the FAFSA, are receiving unemployment benefits, please complete our Special Circumstances Form located on our online forms page

  • If you experience a loss of employment but do not qualify for unemployment benefits, please complete our Special Circumstances Form located on our online forms page


SWOOP to the Rescue | Available February 1, 2021

SWOOP to the Rescue Emergency grant is for financial aid, non-financial aid, and international students. SWOOP provides one-time grants to help students with urgent requests related to issues such as healthcare, childcare, housing, and transportation.


To be eligible for this emergency aid students must be:

  • Enrolled in 6 credit hours
  • Degree-seeking at HCC and must not be attending another institution
  • Meeting SAP requirements
  • Facing an emergency that can be supported through documentation


SWOOP to the Rescue applications will be available February 1, 2021, check back then to find the application link. 


Discounted and Free Technology Resources


 We have resources to support you during remote/online learning. Click here to learn about the options below
  • Free Outdoor/Parking Lot Wifi at our campuses
  • Reduced cost home wifi
  • Discount computers
  • Free software available to HCC students


COVID-19 Resources and Reports


 For questions about any of the disaster recovery or emergency funding options, please email hcc.specialgrants@hccs.edu.