Emergency Help

Help for Financial Emergencies and Disaster Recovery

We get that while you're working hard to manage bills, work, family and school — "life" can shift your focus away from class. Whatever the case may be, we have resources to help you not let a financial emergency take your attention away from school. Current students facing financial emergencies during the semester are encouraged to apply for available emergency aid based on need eligibility requirements.

Below you will find details, eligibility requirements and application process for aid available to help with financial emergencies or disaster recovery.  If you are approved to receive emergency aid funds, you will not have to pay those funds back. For questions, please email hcc.specialgrants@hccs.edu.

Emergency Aid Resources

SWOOP to the Rescue | Funding Not Currently Available

SWOOP to the Rescue Emergency grant is for financial aid students. SWOOP provides one-time grants to help students with urgent requests related to issues such as healthcare, childcare, housing, and transportation. Funding is limited and not guarenteed. 

Funding Allocations are not available at this time. 



HCC Cares Program

HCC Cares partners with the Houston community to provide support to students with financial trouble. HCC Cares offers assistance with basic needs items such as hygiene products, houseware, bedding, kitchen, and more. Students looking for additional assistance and information on internal and external resources should complete the Basic Need Questionnaire.


Financial Aid Adjustment for Students Experiencing Reduction/Loss of Income or Benefits


If you or your family have experienced loss in income since filing the FAFSA, then you should submit a Special Circumstances Form to have your financial aid file reviewed. Learn more about Special Circumstances. 


Discounted and Free Technology Resources


We have resources to support you during remote/online learning. Click here to learn about the options below
  • Technology loaner program
  • Free and reduced costs computers and wifi
  • Free software (Microsoft, Adobe and more) for students
  • Technology and Password Support Hotline
  • Silver Eagle Technology program (for students age 55)


Community Resources

Visit hccs.edu/cares to learn about and access community resources for basic needs and mental health.


COVID-19 Resources and Reports


 For questions about any of the disaster recovery or emergency funding options, please email hcc.specialgrants@hccs.edu.