International Check-in and Orientation

International Student Check-In and Orientation

INTERNATIONAL ORIENTATION: Mandatory for NEW, TRANSFER, CHANGE-of-STATUS and REINSTATEMENT students (see below for details)

INTERNATIONAL CHECK-IN: Mandatory for NEW, CHANGE-of-STATUS, TRAVEL REINSTATEMENT students (see below for details)                  

*Transfer Students do not need to go through the check-in process.

New International Student Check-In Schedule

Fall 2020 Check-In Location/Details

When you enter the United States, you must immediately contact the Office of International Services & Programs (ISP) for the mandatory Virtual New Student Check-in. 

Prepare copies of the following documents in .PDF format and email them to and your assigned DSO. Include your HCC ID and "Check-in" in the subject matter of the email.

  1. Completed International Student Check-In Form
  2. SEVIS Form I-20 
  3. Passport photo page and Visa page
  4. I-94 - you can print your Most Recent I-94 at  If you receive an error that your I-94 was "Not Found", follow the directions in this document to request a correction to your I-94 record: I-94 Correction Instructions
  5. Receipt of online payment for the $50.00 orientation fee – you can pay this with a credit card online through the PeopleSoft / Student Account sign-in . For more information, see International Payment Tutorial


 Your DSO will review all documents and will provide you with the New Student Next Steps towards your enrollment. 


Mandatory International Student Orientation

Fall 2020

International Student Orientation is mandatory for all incoming New, Change-of-Status, Transfer and Reinstatement international F-1 students for the Fall 2020 semester. Due to COVID-19, the Mandatory International Student Orientation will be offered in virtual format via WebEx. Students will receive individual invitations sent to their primary email accounts.

If you do not attend the entire orientation, a hold will be put on your student account that will prevent you from enrolling in classes.

Topics to be covered

  • Meeting and Making New Friends during COVID-19
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Academic requirements
  • Maintaining Your F-1 Status
  • College Transfer Opportunity
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Safety and Security
  • Obtaining your Driver's License
  • Using public transportation
  • Campus and Student Life
  • Campus Tour


 Late Orientation: September 18, 2020   (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.) 

 Click on the link to register 


Registration Process for the Virtual Orientation

The Mandatory International Registration will be conducted via Webex. You will receive an invitation sent to your primary email and complete the Webex registration form that will be part of the invitation.

You only need to add your Last and First Names and valid email address on the left side and submit the registration. No password is required.

Once you register, you will receive a second email confirming your registration. 30 minutes prior to event (not earlier), you will be able to join the workshop

Check your primary email in HCC Student account, to ensure you receive all communications from our office.