Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Please read carefully the following rights and responsibilities of your financial aid awards.

  1. I understand that by applying for and receiving financial aid my tuition and fee due date has been extended beyond the end of add/drop and that if I do not withdraw from the courses I will be responsible for the course charges.
  2. I understand that I am obligated to pay in full to Houston Community College the amount due for tuition/fees if I do not complete all appropriate paperwork, qualify for aid, or receive enough funding to cover all costs. This includes any remaining balances that are a result of withdrawing or canceling my classes. I understand that any Federal, State, Institutional or external source of financial aid, as well as any student fee refunds, will be applied to any outstanding balance on my account, including bookstore charges.
  3. I understand that my financial aid award may be projected at full time enrollment and will be adjusted based on my actual enrollment. Even if I change my class schedule after I have accepted the awards the amounts and types of financial aid awards are subject to change. I understand that I must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours in order to receive a Federal Direct Student Loan.
  4. I understand that if I have a credit balance after all charges are paid, I will receive the balance through the refund method I chose when I activated my Eagle One Card.
  5. I understand that if I stop attending classes or withdraw completely before completing a minimum of 60% of the term, I will be required to repay all or a percentage of the financial aid received.
  6. I understand that HCC can only apply federal financial aid to the first 30 remedial credit hours attempted.
  7. I understand that I must report all offers of financial aid not previously awarded (e.g. scholarships, grants, loans, and fee waivers).
  8. I understand that financial aid is awarded contingent upon maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress according to the policy outlined on the college website.
  9. By accepting my financial aid awards, I hereby acknowledge that I have read, fully understand and agree to these conditions. I understand and agree to pay, the amount owed for tuition/fees, and all costs of collections including reasonable legal fees.

Courses Covered by FA

Make Sure Your Courses are Covered by Financial Aid:

When you enroll in a course that is not part of your active program plan, the course credits cannot be counted toward the enrollment status that determines the amount of financial aid awarded to you.


Your financial aid enrollment status will reflect the credits for all validated classes that are part of your active program plan. Classes that are newly validated will be adjusted during the nightly financial aid recalculation process. If your adjusted financial aid package is not enough to cover full cost of the courses that aren’t on your program plan, you will be responsible for any unpaid tuition and fees.


Connect with your assigned academic advisor to review which courses you need to complete your academic program plan and to ensure you are on the right track with your courses.