Student Financial Services

Paying For College

Services and Functions

The Office of Student Financial Services & Cashiering Operations (Bursar) shares in the overall mission and goals of the Houston Community College System. The role of this Office is to work with the other areas of the College in providing the kind of support services needed by students as they stay in school preparing for their future. 

The Student Financial Services & Cashiering Operations Department (Bursar) sees to it that the institution is complying properly with statutes and regulations governing tuition and fees, waivers and exemptions, and that the policies set forth by the Board of Trustees as far as student accounts are concerned, are carried out and/or set up properly in the system.

Furthermore, the Student Financial Services Office & Cashiering Operations (Bursar) maintains the integrity of the Student Administration system as it relates to student financial records.

The Office of Student Financial Services & Cashiering Operations (Bursar) is specifically responsible for the following:

  • Proper Assessment of Tuition and Fees on student accounts
  • Exemptions and Waivers
  • Installment Payment Plans
  • Third Party Billing
  • Student Refunds
  • Collection of Receivables
  • 1098-T IRS form
  • Loans and Scholarship Funds Accounting
  • Cashiering

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