Admissions for International Students

Application for International Students

The Office of International Service and Programs (ISP) has moved operations online and we remain open remotely to continue providing essential services and information to F-1 students, even if the physical office has closed temporarily.

Students planning to attend HCC on F-1 status must submit/upload a complete application to the Office of International Services & Programs (ISP) by the application deadlines (incomplete applications will NOT be accepted for processing).

Note: If you are an international student planning to attend HCC on a status different than F-1 (DACA, refugee, L visa, H visa, etc.), please visit First Time in College and follow the instructions. If you are an F-1 student applicant, please proceed to the steps below.


What type of F-1 International Student am I? (Click on links below for steps on how to complete each application) 


Students under 18 years of age: An F-1 international student under the age of 18 who wishes to gain admission to HCC must provide documentation to prove that he/she has achieved the equivalency of a U.S. high school diploma in his/her country by submitting a transcript evaluation along with their application to OISS&SA. Accepted Evaluation agencies.

Using an Agency

IMPORTANT: Students do not need to secure a third-party agency to gain admission to HCC. HCC staff is available at no cost to students to assist with the admissions and registration process. If a student chooses to utilize the services of a third-party agency, the student should be aware that they assume full responsibility for all actions conducted by the third-party agent acting on the student’s behalf. Although rare, there have been incidents of third-party agencies submitting fraudulent admissions documentation on behalf of a student. If fraudulent activity is committed by an agency representative acting on behalf of a student, the student is fully responsible and may be subject to disciplinary action. Given that third-party agencies often require personally identifiable information from students to act on their behalf, it is also possible for an agent to gain access to a student’s online student account and make changes without the student’s consent.