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Houston’s first “Bridge Digital Academy” Vista project is designed to support and build capacity to provide opportunities to 1000 low-income individuals to obtain digital literacy certification, workforce training, and skills that will meet the needs of employers and families, with potential increases in employment opportunities. The project is also the application of action steps prescribed in Houston’s Adult Literacy Blueprint, the nation’s only strategic plan for adult literacy published in Summer 2021.

In partnership with Literacy Minnesota and AmeriCorps Vista National Service Program, VISTA Members make a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on a specific part of the project through the nation’s only active Mayor's Office for Adult Literacy (MOAL), Houston Community College and adult literacy providers across the Greater Houston Area. Members focus their efforts to build the organizational, administrative, and financial capacity of their organization.

With passion, commitment, and hard work, members will create or expand digital literacy programs designed to bring individuals and communities out of poverty. VISTA members have the potential to engage in capacity-building projects under guided supervision by Houston Community College staff, the City of Houston MOAL, Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation, and help organize the city’s first Digital Literacy Consortium.



Houston Community College Adult Education and Literacy Programs (AEL) provides innovative workforce readiness programs and training to meet the demands of the global marketplace and ensure students see positive change and self-sufficiency. These programs are grant funded through many agencies to include the Texas Workforce Commission.  The programs include Digital Literacy, ESL, GED, and Career4U Academy.

  • Mayor’s Office for Adult Literacy (MOAL) - MOAL focuses on enhancing adult literacy advocacy and awareness and its impact on our economy, communities, families and individuals. MOAL promotes awareness of, and advocates and builds capacity for, Adult Literacy and Adult Education causes and providers in the City of Houston.
  • Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy - The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy has been the nation’s leading advocate for family literacy for more than three decades. Established by former First Lady Barbara Bush in 1989, the Foundation is a public charity dedicated to creating a stronger, more equitable America in which everyone can read, write and comprehend in order to navigate the world with dignity. To learn more, visit
  • Literacy Minnesota Literacy Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the power of learning through education, community building and advocacy. We believe literacy has the power to advance equity and justice, and we envision a world where life-changing learning is within everyone's reach. We offer comprehensive literacy and digital literacy services for individuals and organizations.  
  • AmeriCorps VISTA National Service program sponsored by the federal government. The program offers members a modest living allowance in exchange for their commitment to a year of service in low-income communities improving the lives of people in need. The mission of AmeriCorps VISTA is to build permanent infrastructure in organizations to help them more effectively bring individuals and communities out of poverty.

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