Disability discrimination statement

Houston Community College is committed to providing an accessible and supportive environment for students with disabilities. HCC does not tolerate acts of disability discrimination. It is the policy of HCC to provide academic adjustments and auxiliary aids and services to students with disabilities. The Disability Support Service Office and/or Ability Service Office at each college of the Houston Community College is responsible for arranging reasonable accommodations for all qualified students with documented disabilities to ensure equal access to all programs and activities at HCC.

Any student who believes that he or she has been subjected to discrimination based on disability is encouraged to report the discrimination immediately to the college's Dean of Student Services or to the college’s relevant Instructional Dean. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from their ADA counselor for assistance through the reporting process. To report disability discrimination, a student may contact one of the following in the "Contact Us" area in the right column.

The Dean, in coordination with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX (EO/TIX), will attempt to resolve the conflict informally. If an attempt at informal resolution of the problem is unsuccessful, or if the student deems that informal resolution is undesirable, the college officer will assist the student in filing of a formal complaint with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX. The student may also bypass their respective college-level administrator, and contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX (EO/TIX), directly at (713) 718-8172 to speak with one of the staff members, or the student may fill out the intake form online which is available on HCC’s website under Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX (EO/TIX).

HCC is committed to conducting prompt investigations of all allegations of disability discrimination. Any students, administrators, staff and/or contract staff found to have engaged in acts of discrimination based on disability or any other conduct or discrimination prohibited by Section 504 or Title II will be promptly disciplined, to include, if circumstances warrant, up to and including suspension or expulsion for students and suspension or termination of employment for staff. HCC encourages its students and staff to work together to prevent acts of discrimination of any kind.