Get your Student ID

HCC Police has received several calls regarding Student IDs.
We want to take this time to provide our students with some information.
Since most of our learning is occurring virtually, do not fret if your Student ID has expired. You will be able to obtain a new Student ID at badging stations when we resume in-person classes. However, if you are one of the few enrolled in a program that is currently meeting in-person and need a Student ID now; contact your Program Director.

Student Identification (ID) Cards are available once a student has registered and paid for classes. Your Student ID Card will be needed for library and computer lab usage, at offices providing student services, admission to college activities, and voting in campus elections. ID cards are nontransferable and are to be held only by the students to whom they were issued.

Students are required to be in possession of their ID card at all times. All ID cards are the property of HCC and must be shown when requested by a representative of the college district. If students lose their ID cards, they should report it to the police by calling 713-718-8888 as soon as it is discovered as missing. To obtain a replacement card, please initiate the process at the college campus you attend. A nominal fee will be charged for the replacement of lost ID cards.

Who needs an HCC ID card?

All Houston Community College employees and current students must obtain an HCC photo identification card.


Why do I need an HCC ID card?

  • Employees and students must be prepared to present their photo ID upon request of a college official
  • The ID card may be used to access areas on campus
  • Receive discounts or free admission to events
  • Borrow materials from the library
  • Identification after hours or in an emergency
  • ID cards can also be used to have access to the HCC Vehicle Assistance Program


Where do I get an HCC ID card?

Employees seeking an ID card may be serviced at the following locations (please call ahead for availability):

NOTE: Employee ID cards with card-reader access into secured campus locations, can only be obtained at the HCC Police Department at the address listed below and must be accompanied by the Entrance Access & Badge Request Form initiated by your immediate supervisor.

HCC Police Department Headquarters
3821 Caroline St., Houston, TX 77004
Hours: Monday - Friday, 2-4:30pm
Phone: 88770

You may obtain your HCC ID card by visiting any of the College Campuses operating a photo ID station. Click on Hours of Operation to see time and date for a campus near you.

HCC West Loop Campus - Student ID hours are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Please have your student ID number
AND a valid driver’s license or valid passport/visa 


How long does the process take?

The process should take approximately ten (10) minutes.


What do I need to get my ID card?

If you are a student you will need to provide your student identification number (EMPLID); current student receipt, along with any one of the following:

  • Valid Driver’s License/Government Issued ID Card
  • Valid passport/Visa
  • Recent photo identification from another college/High School


What can I do with my HCC ID card?

Your HCC ID card is a multipurpose card:

  • It is your campus identification
  • It is required to access certain facilities and functions on campus
  • It is required for use of Library servicesIt is unique to you. It is not transferable and is only for your personal use. Allowing someone else to use your card or using someone else’s card is prohibited and may result in suspension of your ID card privileges and /or other disciplinary actions.


What should I do if I lose my ID card?

Students or Employees should immediately log into either Student System or HR @ Your Service and report your card lost. Complete the steps and obtain a reference number. Once you have reported your card lost/stolen/damaged, all access and privileges will be deactivated. However, you must obtain a replacement card. HCC-PD will send an email to you authorizing any badging station to replace your lost ID card.


Is there a cost to replace my ID card?

Badge Operator responsibility when cards are reported lost, stolen or damaged:

  • For cards that are reported lost or stolen within forty-eight hours, there is no charge.
  • For cards that are reported lost or stolen outside of the forty-eight hour time frame, there is a $15 replacement cost for both students and employees.
  • For cards that are reported damaged, there is no charge. The person reporting this should bring the damaged badge/pieces to the Badge Operator for destruction.