Unusual Enrollment History

Unusual enrollment history

FAFSA application results may be flagged for unusual enrollment history by the U. S. Department of Education if a student has received Federal Pell Grants at multiple institutions in recent years.

“Unusual Enrollment History” may appear on a student's To Do List. HCC is required to review the student’s enrollment history and determine whether or not the student is enrolling only long enough to receive cash refunds of federal student aid. The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is reviewed for schools attended during during the past 3 academic years. This information will be compared to the post-secondary academic transcripts. If all academic transcripts have not been submitted, eligibility for financial aid cannot be determined until transcripts are received.

Students with this requirement should ensure that all post-secondary academic transcripts have been submitted to HCC. If Federal Pell Grants were received and credit hours (passing grades: A – D) were not earned at each institution attended during these award years, the student may be determined ineligible for further federal financial aid.

Determining eligibility

Appealing the ineligibility determination

Students who have been notified that they are ineligible for aid because they have failed to earn academic credit at an institution during the period of enrollment under review may submit an appeal to document unusual circumstances that resulted in the failure to gain academic credit.


Regaining federal student aid eligibility

Students whose aid eligibility is denied as a result of their Unusual Enrollment History can be re-considered for federal student aid after the completion of the unusual enrollment academic requirements:

  • Enrolling for three consecutive academic terms of enrollment only in courses that are required by their program, AND
  • Maintaining GPA of at least 2.0 for each of these academic terms, AND
  • Not withdrawing (officially or unofficially) from any courses after the term begins, AND
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements for federal aid