Student Complaints

How do I bring forward a Complaint?

Houston Community College is committed to providing an educational climate that is conducive to the personal and professional development of each individual. In order to ensure that commitment, the College has developed procedures for students to address their concerns within the college community. A student who has an unresolved disagreement with a faculty or staff member, another student, or a student group, or is dissatisfied with the service they received, may initiate a complaint without prejudicing his or her status with the College. It is the goal of HCC to assist all students in efficiently resolving their concerns. The following provides guidance on submitting these concerns to the college and which process to use based on the individual concern.

For Academic Formal Student Complaints

HCC is committed to providing continuous improvement of practices within all departments. You may use this form to notify the college of a classroom issue or concern you have had with a faculty member or an academic department or staff member.

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to attempt to resolve matters of concerns with the faculty member involved. Often your complaint can be resolved in this manner.

However, if an Informal Resolution cannot be reached regarding your Academic Complaint, then a student should submit the form below to begin the Formal Resolution process.


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Non-Academic Formal Student Complaints

A student, who wishes to file a formal complaint not related to the academic classroom or a faculty member. You may use this form for matters involving complaints against a student services staff or a student services department. Before filing the formal complaint, we encourage you to attempt to resolve the matter informally (ex. informally speaking with the person or their supervisor first). If that does not resolve your issue then proceed with the submission of this form using the link below.

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Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

Sonya Splane, Ed.S, M.Ed.
Manager of Student Conduct & Integrity
Phone:  713.718.8069

Osvaldo Gomez, MSW
Director EEO/Compliance
3100 Main Street, Suite 700
Houston, TX 77002

For questions relating to any of the previous reports please contact Dr. Sonya Splane