Student Fee Advisory Committee

The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is considered by the state laws as the governing board of the Student Activity Fee. The SFAC consists of a minimum of nine (9) representatives to a maximum of eleven (12) to suit the institution's need. Currently, the SFAC has a total of (7) student representatives who were appointed by the United Student Council and (5) administrative representatives who are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of Student Success.  The role of the SFAC is to oversee the activities of the Student Activity Fee (SAF), to implement policies which are beneficial to the students.


Student Members

  • Amy Mercker, Central College
  • Monserrat Galvez, Coleman College
  • Jacqueline Machuca, Northeast College
  • Le'Darion Prevot, Northwest College
  • Pedro Duarte, Southeast College
  • Audrey Mitchell, Southwest College
  • Leonard Duenas Gutierrez, USC Treasurer


Vice Chancellor Appointee's

  • Muddassir Siddiqi, Central College President
  • Tammy Perry, Interim Northeast College Operations Officer
  • Antrece Baggett, Faculty Senate President
  • Michael Hobdy, Central Advisor
  • Arliscia Pierre, Budget Analyst



Fund Information

SFAC Fund Information

  • It is the responsibility of the Student Fee Advisory Committee to project accurately the annual income from the Student Activity Fee and to recommend allocation of that money in order to meet the needs of the student population and the total enrollment at each college. If a surplus from the Student Activity Fee should accrue, it will be put in the consolidated Student Activity Reserve Fund to be carried over into the next fiscal year. If for any reason a deficit should occur, the Student Fee Advisory Committee will use money from the consolidated Student Activity Reserve Fund to meet its needs.

  • Any funds remaining in an activity account shall be transferred to the Consolidated Student Activity Reserve Fund at the end of the fiscal year.

  • Any activity, which has a request or need, may be funded, if funds are available and if the activity conforms to the funding guidelines. All such requests are subject to approval by the College Activity Board.

  • New organization, recognized by the Houston Community College and formed after the Fee allocations were made, that are requesting funding for activities may do so if the activities conform to the funding guidelines. These requests are subject to the availability of funds and the approval of the College Activity Board.

  • Any organization may include requests of subgroups in its request, provided that Houston Community College recognizes the subgroup and the activities conform to the funding guidelines.

  • Any organization whose request is not met in whole or in part will be given valid reasoning there of and if possible recommendations for resubmitting their request.


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