Academic Advising

Personalized Advising

Personalized Advising

College is a stepping stone to your future academic and career goals. But with so many paths to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? That's where academic advisors come in—your personal GPS to guide you through the academic maze and ensure you reach your destination (graduation and beyond).

Connect With Your Assigned Advisor

Now, you have a new way to connect to your assigned academic advisor personalized advising appointments!

This is your chance to connect with your advisor in a way that works for you. Schedule a time that fits your busy schedule and get the guidance you need. Appointments are available until August 5.

How to Search for and Connect with Assigned Advisor:
To search for your assigned advisor and view support options, please enter W followed by your nine-digit student ID number without spaces (example: W000000000). 

Academic Advising Resources

Learn how academic advisors can help you reach your goals and what resources are available.