Texas Educational Opportunity Grant

About the TEOG

Texas Educational Opportunity Grant or TEOG is authorized by the State of Texas.
TEOG eligibility criteria:
  • Complete the FAFSA or TAFSA application.
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • EFC of 6047 or less
  • Texas resident
  • Enrolled at least half-time (6 or more credits per semester) toward a certificate or associate degree program
  • Have not been convicted of a felony or crime involving a controlled substance
  • Have not earned a prior associate or bachelor degree
  • Not eligible for a Texas Grant
  • Availability of funds

Students who are transferring to Houston Community College and are eligible to receive a Renewal TEXAS Grant or TEOG must notify the Campus Financial Aid Office by October 1st for the fall and by February 1st for the spring, or eligibility will be forfeited.
For more information visit College for all Texans.

Note About Adhering to Program Controlled Substance Restrictions

A person is not eligible to receive an initial or continuation TEOG award if the person has been convicted of a felony or an offense under:

  1. Chapter 481, Health and Safety Code (Texas Controlled Substances Act).
  2. The law of any other jurisdiction involving a controlled substance as defined by Chapter 481, Health and Safety Code.

However, the convicted person does qualify if he/she has met the other applicable eligibility requirements under this subchapter and has done one of the following:
  1. Received a certificate of discharge by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or a correctional facility or completed a period of probation ordered by a court, and at least two years have elapsed from the date of the receipt or completion.
  2. Been pardoned and had the record of the offense expunged from the person's record.

Houston Community College requires Statement of Student Eligibility Form, with required supporting documentation, from each TEOG recipient prior to the disbursement of funds. The form confirms eligibility in regards to the controlled substance restrictions of the program. 

This statement is retained with the student's records at the institution and can be made available if requested in the course of a program review or audit.

Houston Community College determined the Statement of Student Eligibility will be collected once during initial or incoming recipients enrollment here at the institution. The Statement of Student Eligibility form is available (online and hard copy) to the student on the forms page of the HCC Financial Aid website.