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The HCC Engineering program makes it possible for students to complete the first two years of a four-year engineering degree at HCC and then transfer to the university of their choice to complete their engineering degree in a number of engineering fields. With the addition of two Engineering Academies, students also have an opportunity to be co-enrolled with university partners simultaneously.

AWARD TYPES: Associate in Science

AREA OF STUDY: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Degrees and Certificates

Learn more about the Degrees and Certificates offered by this program by visiting the HCC Catalog.

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HCC Engineering Information Sessions

Learn more about HCC Engineering Pathways with the Texas A&M, University of Houston, and The University of Texas at Tyler.

Topics: program requirements, benefits, courses, deadlines, how to apply, and live discussions with representatives from partnering Universities.


Engineering Virtual Information Sessions - 2024




Wednesday at 6 p.m.

March 20

April 3

May 15

June 26

July 17

August 7

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Program Information

General Requirements

To be eligible for an Associate in Science (AS) degree from HCC, a student must successfully complete at least 60 semester hours of credit as follows: 43 hours of required core courses plus six additional hours of mathematics, four additional hours of natural science, and seven hours of transferable electives, usually focusing on the student's transfer major.
For the Associate of Science in Engineering Science (ASES) degree, the student must complete at least 65 semester hours of credit as follows: 21 hours of required core courses plus 15 additional hours of mathematics, 12 hours of natural sciences, and 17 hours of transferable engineering electives.


Additional Degree Requirements

A student who has received an associate degree or higher from an accredited institution must meet specific requirements to earn an additional degree from HCC:

  • The student must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours at HCC for each additional degree. These hours may not repeat credit applied from a previous HCC degree. These hours may not be satisfied through credit by exam.
  • All additional hours must be applicable toward the additional degree. If the student has prior credit in required courses, appropriate substitutions may be arranged.
  • All courses required by the specific HCC program of the additional degree must be completed.
  • A grade point average of at least 2.0 must be earned on all hours since the previous degree.
  • Academic courses from previous degrees may be applied to an additional AS degree required academic core where equivalent and appropriate, which waives the need for approval, except where program restrictions prevail.
  • If the first degree was an Associate in Arts, an Associate of Arts in Teaching, Associate in Science, a bachelor’s degree, or higher degree from an accredited educational institution in the United States, the student will be considered to be “Core Complete,” thus needing to complete only the requirement of 18 additional semester hours at HCC toward a new associate degree.
  • Each additional academic associate degree obtained from HCC must be of a different type. Thus, a student may only obtain one Associate in Arts, one Associate of Arts in Teaching, and/or one Associate in Science from HCC. For example, if one degree from HCC was an AA, then any additional degrees must be an AAT, AS, or AAS.
  • All other state and institutional graduation requirements, including TSI policies and financial obligations, must be met.



There are more than 35 different types of engineering specialties including petroleum, chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, computer, biomedical, aerospace and ocean engineering.

  • Upon completion of a bachelor's degree in Engineering median salary in the Greater Houston Area is $54.00 hourly, $113,000 annually


Hybrid Programs Restrictions

Hybrid programs allow students to take a mix of online and face-to-face courses. Hybrid programs offer 50% to 85% of their courses online and the remainder of the curriculum is taken in-person on one of HCC’s campuses. Please contact your advisor for more information about specific program requirements.

Language Option Restrictions

Some hybrid programs require students to participate in foreign language courses as part of the program’s required curriculum. Please contact your advisor for more information about specific program requirements and available language options. If you would like to take courses in a language that is not offered online, you would have to do so on campus.

Elective Course Restrictions

Some hybrid programs may have a limited number of elective options available, based on which of the designated electives are currently offered online.  Please contact your advisor for more information about specific program requirements.

Required Course Restrictions

Hybrid programs require students to participate in campus-based courses as part of a given program’s required curriculum. Please contact your advisor for more information about specific program requirements. 

Potential Course Restrictions

Some online courses may have face-to-face requirements for exams, laboratory sessions, and other activities. Please review your course syllabus to determine if your online course has an on-campus laboratory or examination requirement.


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Marketable Skills

Learn more about the marketable skills—skills valued by employers that can be applied in variety of work settings—so you can communicate these to potential employers. Click on the relevant award title below to see descriptions of marketable skills for that area.

Engineering Science - Chemical Engineering - Field of Study, A.S.

Engineering Science - Civil / Environmental Engineering - Field of Study, A.S.

Engineering Science - Electrical / Computer Engineering - Field of Study, A.S.

Engineering Science - Mechanical Engineering - Field of Study, A.S.

Career Opportunities

Explore real-time labor market data on occupations you may pursue post-graduation, offering insight into career opportunities, potential earnings, and job demand in the Greater Houston region.

For more in-depth information about this career and other career pathways, visit Career Coach.


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Engineering Center of Excellence

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Engineering Advisor

Dr. Sherin Isaac

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