Accelerate Texas for the School of Continuing Education

Financial Aid Information


Starting in the Fall of 2016, students entering certain noncredit training programs may be eligible to receive financial aid assistance through Accelerate Texas (ATX) for the School of Continuing Education.
ATX may pay up to 100% of all training costs including, tuition, fees, books, and tools.
There are no income requirements for ATX financial aid.
In addition to financial aid and to improve their chances of completion and being more employable, Accelerate Texas provides students with 60-80 hrs of Reading, Writing, and Math support classes while they are enrolled in a technical training program.

To find out more about Accelerate Texas for the School of Continuing Education call (713) 718-7565 or email

Do you qualify?


To help determine if students qualify for ATX financial aid, they must:

  • Be accepted for entry into their chosen technical training courses.
  • Meet scoring requirements on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) or other assessment.
  • Attend ATX support classes prior to and during their technical training period.
  • Pay a modest $20 ATX registration fee, some waivers apply.

A high school diploma, GED® or other secondary school credential is not necessary for acceptance into the ATX program.