Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

On-line application /
Complete and sign an HCC Continuing Education Enrollment Form

  • Bring the Enrollment Form to an HCC School of Continuing Education Registration Office
  • Pay tuition at the time of registration (checks, credit cards, cash or money order accepted)
  • *Note: You will not be able to start classes if tuition has not been paid.
  • Financial assistance is not available


Where are classes held?

Locations vary throughout HCC's district campuses. Please contact our office at 713-718-7947


What are the requirements for receiving a certificate?

Must successfully complete the 8 required courses:

  • Introduction to Law, 16 hours
  • Legal Research I, 16 hours
  • Legal Research II, 16 hours
  • Legal Research III, 16 hours
  • Texas Civil Litigation I, 16 hours
  • Texas Civil Litigation II, 16 hours
  • Texas Civil Litigation III, 16 hours
  • Legal Writing, 16 hours

Students not pursuing the certificate program are welcome to take as many individual courses as they wish.


Is the formal training transferable to an associate's degree in Paralegal Studies?

Yes, the Houston Community College Paralegal Studies Program will award 6 academic credits with the successful completion of each course.


Do I have to be certified to work as a paralegal in Texas?

No. Certification is a voluntary process.
The Texas Board of Legal Specialization offers six certification exams in different areas of law for professionals who wish to become a certified paralegal in Texas.


What type of job will I get?

Paralegal, Legal Assistant, and Legal File Clerk.


Do you provide job placement?

As an HCC Student, you have access to The Career Planning Resource staff, and the Virtual Career Center. (VCC)

Career Planning Advisors:

  • Central College -713 718 6176
  • Northwest College -713 718 5802
  • Southwest College -713 718 7718
  • Southeast College -713 718 6826
  • Northeast College -713 718 5291


What types of companies will hire me?

Private Law firms, civil service departments of the federal and or state government, legal services and legal aid offices, law departments of corporations, banks, insurance companies, and other businesses; special interest groups (such as unions, associations, citizen action groups, lobbyists, etc.) federal or state prosecutors’ offices; or as a self-employed professional who sells services directly to attorneys.

How much money can I make - $17.00-$27.00/hr






What is the cost of tuition?

Please call office for Course and Material Information at 713-718-7947.


Is there an attendance policy?

Must attend at least 80% of scheduled class time.