Transfer International Students

Application deadlines

Transfer student deadlines

The OISS&SA must receive your application* on or before:

  • Spring Semester Priority Deadline: January 3 (ESL and College Level students)*
  • Spring Semester Extended Deadline: February 3 (College Level students only)**
  • Summer Semester: May 1
  • * Application documents must be uploaded by the above dates. Applications will not be accepted after the deadlines.

    ** College Level students seeking to complete a transfer application to HCC under this extended deadline 1) must be in valid F-1 status, 2) must upload all required documents and 3) enroll and pay for a minimum of 12 credit semester hours prior to admission. All of these conditions must be fulfilled before we fully accept your transfer application.

  • Fall Semester: TBA


Apply to HCC: International Transfer Students from another U.S. school

Step 1: Online Application, W and P numbers

If you already have an HCC student ID, make sure the information on your HCC account is updated and go to Step 3. If this does not apply to you, begin at Step 1 below. Do not use the Degree Seeking (ApplyTexas) application because it is not customized for HCC F-1 students.

  1. Click on online application for Admissions  (In the case of an error message, choose a different browser)
  2. Go to “Start New Application"
  3. Select “F-1 International” application (the third option from the top) and click Next
  4. Enter your Names as they appear on your passport, Date of Birth, and your Email
  5. Set your Password (take a screenshot of the page and record your password)
  6. From the “New Account Created” page, click “Continue” to go to F1 Application steps.
  7. Choose “Yes” to confirm that you are applying as an F-1 student 
  8. Choose Transfer Student from “I am applying as”
  9. Select the Admit term/semester you want to start studying at HCC
  10. Complete all 9 steps of the application and submit
  11. You will receive your Conditional Approval Letter and an email with the next steps with your HCC student ID and your Assigned Number (starting with P)


Do not submit multiple applications! You need only one HCC student ID and we can work with you if you have to make changes. Multiple student IDs will slow your application process. Remember: You will keep the same User ID throughout your HCC career.

Tutorial - How to Complete the International Online Application




Step 2: Sign in to your HCC account

  • Navigate to the Student System Sign In webpage:
  1. Visit
  2. Click the "MyEagle Student Sign-In" link found in the top left corner of the screen
  3. Select "Student Sign-In"
  4. You are now on the Student System Sign-In page.  You will need to re-visit this page often, so it is a good idea to save it as a favorite in your internet browser.
  5. Log in with your HCC Student ID number (W00000000) and your password previously created


If you need additional assistance with accessing your account, please visit


Step 3: Prepare application documents

* All documents must be saved as PDF files with short names (less than 30 characters). The file name should not contain any invalid characters such as (*:"<>?). Bad quality or upside-down documents will be rejected. Please combine different document types in 1 PDF file. For example, if you have statements from different banks, save them as one file. To scan and convert a file to PDF format, you can also use free PDF scanner apps (Genius Scan - PDF Scanner, Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan for Android, Tiny Scanner- PDF scanner, etc.) Upon uploading, the System will add automatically 3 or 4-digit code and your HCC ID number to the name of the document. Do not attempt to modify the document's name!

  1. Complete the SEVIS Form I-20 Application
    Note: Type the information online and then print and sign it. Add additional page if more than 1 dependents.
  2. Complete F-1 International Student Transfer In Form / Transfer Student Advisor Report
    Complete the top part of the F-1 International Student Transfer-in Form and submit the form to your current school Designated School Official (International Student Advisor).
  3. Passport photocopy (biometric page only). *
  4. Copy of visa (or Change of Status approval notice) To upload, please save all pages into one PDF file*
  5. I-94 Departure Record (front and back) (you may also print out your I-94 at*
  6. Financial Documentation 
    To upload, please save all bank statement pages into one PDF file. Prepare affidavits and employment letters as separate PDF files.
  7. Copies of previous SEVIS I-20s*
    To upload, please save all pages into one PDF file
  8. Application and Orientation Fees
    Pay the non-refundable application fee of $75 and the orientation fee of $50 and save the receipt as a PDF.

* Provide this document for all dependents (spouse/ children under 21) who will accompany you, as well as marriage and birth certificates.

How to pay the fee:

Online payments (preferred): You can pay the fee online using a credit card or funds transfer from your local bank. For online payments, refer to the International Payment Tutorial (Flywire) for instructions. Please note that you must have completed Step 1 and Step 2 before you can make a payment online. Alternatively, you can pay the fee at any HCC campus and save the receipt.

Note: The payment term and entrance term may vary when paying the fee online. This is not a problem as the payment can be tracked by date.

 You may also pay the fee by sending a check (containing a printed address) or money order made out to Houston Community College and containing the student’s HCC ID number attached to a ‌. The form will contain mailing instructions for the payment. Mailing the check or money order can cause a delay in the process of your application.


Step 4: Upload documents to your F-1 Student Checklist

  1. Log in to your account on the HCC Student System
  2. In Student Homepage, click on Checklists
  3. Click on F-1 Student Checklist to upload the required documents (If you do not see an F-1 Student Checklist, please send an email to with your HCC student ID, "TRAN," and semester you're applying for, written in the subject line. Check your account again within 3 business days, and the F-1 Student Checklist should now be available.)


New applicants should wait about 2 hours after submission of the online application to access their F-1 Student Checklist.

* Monitor your F-1 Student Checklist for additional documents that may be required.

Tutorial - F1 Students Checklist_Prepare and Upload Documents


Step 5: Choose Mailing Option for Receiving I-20

There are 2 options available for the mailing of your I-20:

  1. Regular Overseas Mail — Overseas mail takes 4-6 weeks. If you want your I-20 sent by regular overseas mail, no response is required. Your I-20 will be sent by regular overseas mail to the address indicated on your application. Please do not e-mail us to confirm your overseas address.
  2. Express Mail — With this option, you will receive your I-20 within 5 days after processing. Express mail is at the expense of the student. To select express mail, visit the following webpage and follow the instructions: International Express Mail


Check the status of your application

Login to your HCC Student Sign-In and view your To-Do list.  If the only item in your To-Do list is “I-20 In Process”, your application is under review by one of the International Admissions Advisors.  If you see any other items in your To-Do list, you must upload the required documents so that your application can be reviewed. 

Once you have uploaded all of your documents, you should wait at least 10 business days for processing of the SEVIS Form I-20. This time will vary depending on when the application is submitted and how many applicants there are at that time. Applications are processed in the order they are received.

If you have not received any communication from our office within 10 business days, please email to check the status of your application.


Receive the International Student Transfer Acceptance Verification

When your application is complete, you will receive an official acceptance letter from the Office of International Student Services. The acceptance letter will verify that you have been officially accepted as an F-1 Transfer Student and are eligible to transfer your I-20 to HCC.

Request an I-20 Transfer

Your official acceptance letter from the Office of International Student Services (including SEVIS transfer information) will be emailed to you and your current Designated School Official. 

You are responsible for requesting a transfer from your current school and completing all transfer out steps required by your school.


Enroll in classes

You will receive an email with a document detailing your next steps for enrollment. 

Note: You do not need to have the HCC SEVIS Form I-20 in order to proceed with the enrollment process. However, you need to contact our office if you have not received your new I-20 within the first 3 weeks of the start of the semester.