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HCC Resources

  • HCC Emergency Help: Whatever the case may be, we have resources to help you not let a financial emergency take your attention away from school. Current students facing financial emergencies during the semester are encouraged to apply for available emergency aid based on need eligibility requirements.
  • HCC Financial Coaches connect you with on-campus and community resources that will help you push through financial emergencies; make refunds last longer, and start making steps toward financial security.
  • HCC Scholarships: In addition to federal and state aid, scholarships are a great way to help with the cost of your education. We encourage you to learn about the different types of scholarships awarded by financial aid, the HCC Foundation, and outside groups.
  • HCC Financial Aid: Financial aid is available to help eligible part-time and full-time students pay for college. It can be a combination of scholarships, grants, loans, and Work-Study
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Cell Phone & Low-Cost Internet

Electricity, Gas & Utilities

Contact your utility companies (electric, gas, and water) to inquire about any savings programs, which may vary by municipality or state. Once you sign up for their program, you may be eligible to get subsidies to pay for other bills.


Other Resources:

Technology, School Supplies & Other Needs


School Supplies

Credit Card & Creditors

Call your creditors (anyone you owe money to) and the companies that send you bills to see if you can get your payments stopped or reduced. Be sure to inform them that you are a college student and any circumstances that reduce your ability to pay.

Credit/Financial Counseling

Legal Assistance

Most lawyers provide free or low-cost initial consultations.

Before your meet with a Lawyer Tips



The information provided by external resources - including third-party websites - is designed to provide helpful information on topics and community resources. HCC does not endorse or accept responsibility for the content, use, or availability of resources provided by external websites or agencies. HCC makes no representations as to the eligibility of any particular student to receive any benefit or the effects – such as those impacting immigration status – that accepting a resource may have on a student. Students in populations that may have specific additional needs are encouraged to seek advice from a relevant professional or reputable resources, such as immigration counsel or a qualified website.