Employers Booth Request

Recruit Eagles Booth Request - Business Process

A Recruit Eagles booth is an opportunity for companies/organizations to promote their brand, services, and job opportunities to HCC Eagles anywhere in the Houston Community College System. Career & Job Placement Services highly recommends that employers establish Recruit Eagles Booths throughout the year in order to promote brand awareness. We also have provided this service in order to be more conducive to HCC Eagles being hired for roles in the Houston job market.

The Recruit Eagles booth can be set up as it would be for a Career Fair with your company banner, signage, giveaways, etc. Your booth will be set up in a designated high-traffic area on the designated/recommended campus(s) and we will notify students about your campus visit well in advance and we can target specific majors you are looking to recruit. We can instruct students to bring their resumes to your booth or we can provide them specific instructions for the hiring process (for example: we can instruct them to apply online before visiting your booth).

By signing this agreement, I understand the Career & Job Placement Services (CJPS) policy for setting up a booth which includes the following:
The company representative must arrive at the time and date requested if confirmed for the table set up. Please come by the Career & Job Placement Services Center location on the campus where the recruiting booth will be located for check-in.

Booth set up is to be between the hours of 10 am through 3 pm Monday through Thursday. Due to the high volume of demand for space on our campus, please know that we are asked to be flexible with this space and times allotted above.

A representative from the company must be present at the table the entire time requested in order to assist students and/or answer questions they may have regarding the company. Representative will not post or leave material anywhere other than with the career office. It is against CJPS policy for any outside group to walk on campus soliciting items.

The representative must track each student that visits their booth and supply a copy of the sign-in list to the Career & Job Placement Services Center for record keeping and data tracking.

A Resume Book will be supplied to the representative with the intention that the company engage the students contained in the Resume Book regarding the upcoming recruiting booth and the position(s) the company is interested in filling with HCC Eagles.

If a representative cannot make the confirmed date or you must cancel the setup, please contact Career & Job Placement Services by email hcc.careerservices@hccs.edu as soon as possible.

All employers interested in requesting a Recruiting Booth on a HCC campus are encouraged to submit the request in HCC CareerHub.