Testing ADA Accommodations

TSIA2 Built-in Accommodations

The TSIA2 testing platform includes several built-in features often used for testing accommodations that are available to all students and do not require prior approval (Reference):


There is no minimum/maximum time allotted for the mathematics, ELAR/essay sections of the TSIA2, including the Diagnostics (if applicable). However, students should be aware of the hours of operation at the testing center or school where they are taking the test.


Accessibility Wizard

The accessibility Wizard allows students to change the appearance of the testing screens to include text size, color scheme, line spacing, and background and text color.


Save and Finish Later

Students may take a break during the test by selecting the “save and finish later” option. Students selecting this option must return to complete the test within 14 calendar days. This option is not available for the essay section, which must be started and completed within the same testing session.



The TSIA2 has three (3) built-in calculator options available for appropriate mathematics test questions: basic 4-function, square root, and graphing. Students are encouraged to view the calculator tutorial in the Student Portal prior to testing to understand how to use this tool during testing.



The TSIA2 has a tool available for highlighting purposes in any narratives, including reading passages, of the TSIA2 multiple-choice sections, and the prompts of the essay. Students are encouraged to view the highlighter tutorial in the Student Portal prior to testing in order to understand how to use this tool during testing.


High School Students

As a college-readiness testing instrument, the TSIA2 falls under the auspices of higher education accommodations law and rules. High school counselors should contact their higher education dual credit partner institution(s) to verify appropriate testing accommodations for the TSIA2. If requested, counselors should be prepared to provide appropriate documentation on behalf of the student to staff at the institution’s Disabilities Support Services Office (DSSO, or similar office). Because of differing laws governing K12 and higher education, counselors should understand that some accommodations provided in the student’s IEP or other K12 documents may not be appropriate for the TSIA2 testing scenario. DSSO staff will verify appropriate individual accommodations on a case-by-case basis, as needed. High school students with a documented disability(ies) and/or an Individual Education Plan (IEP) who plan to take the TSIA2 for dual credit eligibility purposes should contact their counselor to request accommodations.

  • Students are not required to take all sections of the TSIA2 in one testing session and can take each subject area on different days. For high school students wishing to qualify for dual credit courses, it is recommended that students start with the ELAR section first and take the mathematics section after they have completed Algebra II or other advanced mathematics course(s).


Need other accommodations?

Students who need to arrange other reasonable accommodations for the TSI test must contact any ADA Counselors for assistance.

Click the following link to Connect with ADA Counselors 


Additional Testing Accommodations for Courses or Other Exams

Testing Accommodations

Need Accommodations? It is recommended that students meet with an ADA Counselor at least 60 days prior to the beginning of each term. Click the following link to learn more about Ability Services



Contact ADA Counselors

Students who need to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact Ability Services.

Click the following link to Connect with ADA Counselors 


Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can lessen or remove barriers faced by persons with disabilities. Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

Click the following link to learn more about Available Assistive Technology.


Scheduling Exams

Proctoring services are available in the HCC Testing Centers for HCC Students with approved accommodations. Students with approved accommodations should: 

  1. Provide the testing center with a copy of the accommodation letter at the beginning of each semester. An ADA Counselor can provide a letter of accommodation.
  2. Inform instructor of intent to use the testing center to take exams and quizzes.
  3. Schedule an appointment to take exam or quiz at least 1 week prior to the desired test date. Currently exams should be taken at the test center location where enrolled.
  4. Inform instructor of scheduled appointment.
  5. Review all test instructions and procedures with your instructor prior to the scheduled day for testing. Bring only approved materials.
  6. Bring a valid Government issued photo ID bearing a signature for admittance to the Testing Center. No one can be admitted without proper identification.
  7. Arrive on time for scheduled appointment. It is recommended that arrival be approximately 10 minutes before scheduled appointment time.


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