Low-Cost Books Program

The Low-Cost Books (LCB) Program highlights classes that charge $40 OR less for all instructional materials required for the course. This program focuses on giving you peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of you course materials for your class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can LCB course be a First Day-Inclusive Access course as well?

Yes, if an Inclusive Access course material total course is $40 or less.


How can I see if my course is enrolled in Low-Cost Books Program?

Go to your PeopleSoft Student Center or Faculty Center and click on the Hyperlink under course
to see the Course Details, scroll down and you will see something like this:

 Example of First Day Inclusive Access in Peoplesoft


How can instructors offer courses at low cost by using Open Educational Resources (OER) and other materials freely online?

  • HCC Libraries Open Resources page provides basic information about open educational resources, search tools to find resources, and links to faculty created and program adopted Open Educational Resources.
  • OpenStax is the largest developer of commercial quality textbooks that are free to access, edit, and download for both students and professors.
  • The Open Textbook Library provides the most comprehensive catalog of complete textbooks, along with faculty reviews.


Textbook Savings Program Contact Information

Inclusive Access - First Day:

Donald Parker, Inclusive Access Coordinator




Open Educational Resources/Z-Degree/Zero Cost Books:

Remya Mohanraj, OER/Z-Degree Coordinator




Instructional Course Materials:

Wendy Sera, Instructional Course Materials Coordinator




Barnes & Noble District Bookstore Manager:

Kayla Vergin, Barnes & Noble District Bookstore Manager

713-528-0872 or 713-528-0897