First Day - Inclusive Access Program

First Day - Inclusive Access is a partnership between HCC, the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and textbook publishers to deliver digital course materials to students, below market rates, on or before the first day of class. It includes the cost of your digital learning materials as a course material fee on your student account below competitive market rates in accordance with the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations 668.164 subsection c(2)i(A).


How to sign up for First Day - Inclusive Access Program?

  • When you register, select a course that is designated Textbook Savings – Inclusive Access/First Day. This will place you in the program where you will have access to the digital course materials on the first day of class via Canvas, and the course materials fee will be applied to your fee statement at registration.
  • How To Find A Textbook Savings Class When Enrolling


Benefits of the First Day – Inclusive Access Program
  • Students are prepared on the first day of class with all their required materials, leading to greater student success
  • Students don’t need to go to the bookstore online or in-person – materials are linked to their course in Canvas
  • The price students pay is below market value
  • Students can use their financial aid to cover the cost of course materials
  • Faculty will know that their students are getting affordable materials
  • No Access Code or Instructor Course Codes/Keys needed
  • Students can purchase paper versions of most materials for a nominal fee (online and First Day – Inclusive Access Opt-In paper versions are cheaper than traditional textbooks)
  • Students can access their materials anywhere you have internet access


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First Day Inclusive Access Program

Inclusive Access - First Day:

Donald Parker, Inclusive Access Coordinator



Barnes & Noble District Bookstore Manager:

Kayla Vergin, Barnes & Noble District Bookstore Manager

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