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Sociology examines virtually every aspect of social life such as organizations, social institutions, culture, deviant and criminal behavior, social stratification, race and ethnicity, gender issues, technology, collective behavior and social movements.

AWARD TYPES: Associate in Arts

AREA OF STUDY: Social & Behavioral Sciences

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About Sociology

Sociology is: the scientific study of human behavior in groups; the science of the interaction between society and culture; the science of human responses to human institutions; macro-level and micro-level human interaction; the reciprocal relationship between the individual and the sociocultural environment (agency and structure); “the study of the bases of social membership; the analysis of the structure of social relationships as constituted by social interaction. an encompassing discipline that studies many other disciplines a particular philosophical paradigm aimed at analyzing social structures, social processes, social associations, social bonds, and social connections.



There are 128 Social Science Research Assistants employed in the Greater Houston Area. This number is expected to increase by 25.8% over the next four years. 

  • The estimated annual job openings is 16 jobs a year.
  • Median Wages - $20.58 hourly, $43,000 annually


Online Programs Restrictions

Some online programs may require up to 15% of their curriculum be taken in-person on one of HCC’s campuses.  Please contact your advisor for more information about specific program requirements.

Language Option Restrictions

Some online programs require students to participate in foreign language courses as part of the program’s required curriculum. At this time, the only language option available online is Spanish. If you would like to take courses in a language other than Spanish, you would have to do so on campus.

Elective Course Restrictions

Some online programs may have a limited number of elective options available, based on which of the designated electives are currently offered online.  Please contact your advisor for more information about specific program requirements.

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Field of Study Curriculum

Sociology Field of Study (FOS) Curriculum

Field of Study Coursework:

  • SOCI 1301        Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 1306        Social Problems
  • SOCI 2301        Marriage & the Family
  • SOCI 2319        Minority Studies


Fully Transferable: 

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has designated the Field of Study Curriculum courses as “fully transferable” to other public colleges and universities in Texas. Students planning on transferring to either private or out-of-state institutions should direct transfer questions to that college or university.  

For more information, refer to the HCC Catalog ( ) and Field of Study Curricula Approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board


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Multidisciplinary Studies - Sociology Major -Field of Study Curriculum Track, A.A.


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