Student Clubs

Office of Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship has sponsored three student clubs:


  • HCC Manufacturing Club
    • Students who aspire to build new prototypes, models, and products with innovative manufacturing techniques!
  • HCC Innovation Club
    • Students who care, think, design, act, and make to better our college, community, and society!  We are skilled, smart, and ready to take on projects that matter to us!
  • HCC Entrepreneur's Club @ Central College
    • Monthly meetings with experts and speakers discussing  entrepreneurial topics at HCC Central College


Our student clubs drive innovation and entrepreneurship on and off campus:

Projects completed by our student clubs:

  • HCC iOS and Android Apps - mobilizing HCC services on the smartphones!
  • HCC - Connecting those in need with those you can help!
  • HCC Emergency Guide (Digital) - helping find information quicker in emergencies! 
  • HCC Math Lab Videos - Learn from thousands of Online Math tutorials with a step by step guidance!
  • HCC 360 Videos Project - Creating 360 video experiences for our community!
  • - a resource for aspiring student entrepreneurs - your guide to helpful events across Houston's Startup Scene!

Center for Entrepreneurship - Southwest Contact

Ravi Brahmbhatt, MBA

Director, Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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