Suspicious Mail/Package

  • Be aware of conspicuous or unusual behavior.
  • If you see something, say something and call Police at 713-718-8888 or 911 and explain your concerns to the Dispatcher.
  • If you see what appears to be a dangerous situation, call Police 713-718-8888 or 911.
  • Do not accept packages or backpacks from strangers.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended.

If suspicious mail or package is found

  • Do not turn on or use cell phone.
  • Immediately contact Police 713-718-8888 or 911.
  • Do not move or touch the suspicious mail or package.
  • Secure the area (room) where the suspicious item is located.
  • Leave the immediate area and inform others in your area as you exit.
  • If biological (e.g. Anthrax) or radiological contamination is suspected isolate any persons who may have been exposed.
  • Utilize bomb threat/found devices emergency procedure.