Chemical Spill/Hazardous Material

Know the locations of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for products used in your department and work areas.
Store the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) nearby, but outside of the potential spill area.

  • Stop the source and spread. Don’t endanger yourself. If possible stop the source of the spill (e.g., shut the valve, shut off ventilation, shut off all ignition sources in the immediate area.) Do not attempt to clean.
  • Warn others. Notify your coworkers, on site-leadership and police 713-718-8888.
  • Isolate the area. Keep others away from the spill (e.g., rope off the spill site, divert flow from catch basin or drain using available spill response equipment)
  • Minimize personal exposure with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety practices. Follow the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) recommendations.
  • Stand by in a safe location to assist spill responders.
  • Follow instructions given by emergency personnel for shelter-in-place or evacuation.
  • If possible, note any characteristics about the material, for example: name, odor, color, physical description.
  • Report any observed injuries or exposure to HCC Police immediately.

Hazardous materials spill near campus

  • HCC Police will be notified by appropriate parties.
  • HCC Police will notify Administration (and/or other appropriate persons).
  • Follow emergency personnel instructions for shelter-in-place or evacuation.