Developmental Mathematics Department

Math 0106, Math 0332, Math 0342, Math 0324, Math 0314

The Houston Community College Developmental Mathematics Program is designed to meet the math needs of students who are not yet prepared to take college-level math courses.  The program offers developmental math courses that are appropriate for students who are underprepared for college-level mathematics and for students who want to improve their mathematics skills before studying college-level mathematics. Classes are taught by experienced professional instructors of developmental mathematics who provide a rich learning environment and enhanced student/teacher engagement.

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Developmental Mathematics Department

Dr. Marisol Montemayor, Department Chair
Phone: 713.718.7153
Office: SE Eastside Felix Morales 124.3


Hien T. Nguyen, Associate Chair
Phone: 713.718.2440
Office: SE Eastside Felix Morales 124.4


Jack Hatton, Associate Chair
Phone: 713.718.2434
Office: SW Stafford N108


Dr. Marion W Alexander, Program Coordinator
Phone: 713-718-6605
Office: CE San Jacinto 363

Douglas Bump, Technology Specialist
Phone: 713.718.7317
Office: SE Eastside Angela Morales 101


Maria Carmen Vasquez, Administrative Assistant
Office: SE Eastside Felix Morales 124
Phone: 713.718.7056