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An ever-changing world means that businesses must adapt, and adaption requires workers that possess skills the modern market needs. Higher education can familiarize students with the knowledge of an occupation, but there are many things that courses and textbooks alone cannot teach, with much of the know-how of a career being learned through experience. Fortunately, Registered Apprenticeships allow students to gain on-the-job training while still working towards a certification so that they come in ready to start right out of the gate. By partnering with HCC, you can help train the next generation of workers for your own workforce and others. 

Apprenticeships are an investment in the future for you and your trainees. Most companies spend years waiting for a new hire to become seasoned enough to lend value to their productivity, and workers have to jump from job to job in order to gain enough experience to go for their dream career. By mentoring their academic and professional growth directly, you gain a loyal member of your organization; fresh enough to bring in new ideas, but familiar enough with your culture to contribute valuable service. 

Over half a million apprentices are learning nationwide, and the Gulf Coast region, as a growing economic center, is rife with potential apprentices looking to advance their careers. HCC already works and partners with several companies, but we are interested and looking for new partners to expand the variety of career paths available through a RAP. 

Apprenticeship is an essential training component that lays the groundwork for a successful long-term career in the trades and at the same time, trains the next generation of skilled workers to meet the high standards required by industries.

Higher skilled workers are not only a precondition to your business’s productivity but also needed to meet the anticipated challenges of the future. A competent labor force increases product quality, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and profit margin.

Steps for Providing Apprenticeships

Once you've established a program with your academic or provider partner, there are a series of important steps to take on an apprentice. Just like the hiring process for a regular employee, apprentice applicants must interview, submit essential documents, and connect with their future mentors.

  • Employers must complete the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), Appendix A and D, and submit a signed Letter Of Support.
  • Identify mentors for your Apprenticeship and confirm start date.
  • Both the employer and apprentices will attend 'Apprenticeship Bootcamp 101' for an orientation on the program and expectations.


Employer Benefits

  • Reduce turnover through initial investment in employee
  • Increase retention of workers, during and following the apprenticeship
  • Create efficiency by aligning and standardizing entry level training for key occupations
  • Increase productivity through a highly skilled, aligned workforce
  • Develop additional revenue streams through state and federal funding programs
  • Create company career pathways through apprenticeship career development
  • Minimize liability costs through appropriate training of workers
  • Improve productivity and profitability


Partnering with HCC

Are you interested in the development of new Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAP) to reflect the wide variety of career paths offered for study at our campuses? HCC is reaching out to national and local businesses alike in fields of interest. With a pre-existing network of partners and industries, employers can help other employers with referrals and guidance on how to set up an apprenticeship and mentorship program of their own. At events like National Apprenticeship Week, HCC hosts events for potential employers to speak with representatives and gain a more personal understanding of the process. Furthermore, industry toolkits are in development that allows quick start-up of RAPs for interested parties. 

While designing a new program is a complicated process, the first step employers can take in working with us is visiting the HCC CareerHub at the highlighted link. Here, you can register as a partner, post job offerings, and work with us as we build new programs to offer apprenticeships!


Current Apprenticeships at HCC

See below for a look at current Apprenticeship programs that HCC offers alongside our partners.

Aon Apprenticeship Program

In partnership with Aon, a multinational, risk management firm, HCC offers a business professional apprenticeship. Student apprentices work 40 hours a week at Aon which also includes coursework applied to a Business Management Associate of Applied Science degree with a specialization in insurance.

JP Morgan Chase IT Professional Apprenticeship Program

From the Digital and Information Technology Center of Excellence, HCC provides cybersecurity professionals to apprentice at JP Morgan Chase to thwart potential security threats within the system.

CVS Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship

HCC has partnered with CVS to provide apprentices in the field technician field of pharmacy. Apprentices train through HCC and earn while they learn at CVS Pharmacy. To date, the partnership has produced over 100 apprentices.

Petro Express CDL Apprenticeship

In partnership with Petro Express, HCC offers an apprenticeship in commercial truck driving to meet the swelling demand for drivers in the petrochemical sector. Apprentices learn alongside dedicated staff to develop the necessary skills to excel in the industry while at the same time attaining their Commercial Driver’s License.

Home Builders Academy Pre-Apprenticeship

HCC has partnered with the Greater Houston Builders Association and the Texas Builders Association to offer a pre-apprenticeship in residential construction. Apprentices complete a series of training modules developed by industry to get them ready to enter a career as an apprentice in residential construction.

Marek Construction Academy Pre-Apprenticeship

HCC, Houston ISD, and Marek have partnered to create a dual-credit high school program that trains craft professionals for the commercial construction sector. Students begin training as Juniors in high school at an HCC facility. They complete a paid summer internship before their senior year and high school and then complete their level one certificate through HCC their senior year. Upon graduation, students are offered employment with Marek.

Additionally, HCC provides internships in other occupations, and plans to add more as partnerships are made:

  • Pastry Chef/Baker
  • Automotive/Service Mechanic
  • Phlebotomist
  • Image Review Specialist
  • General Insurance Associate


Get Started!

Click the "GET STARTED!" link below if you are an employer or organization interested in creating your own or joining an existing apprenticeship program.

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Christina Robinson, Ed.D

Executive Director, Work-Based Learning & Industry Partnerships