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About Language Programs

There are several opportunities available at Houston Community College to improve your English language skills. Our Continuing Education (CE) Languages Department teaches Intensive English to college students and adults through a curriculum that helps students learn the English language skills for academic studies in the United States or for Houston Community College Certificate Programs. We have lessons and activities that give you practice with real-life experiences such as filling out forms, reading labels, preparing for college, writing resumes and applying for college or for a job.

We offer introductory, intermediate, and low advanced courses to improve your English-language learning with classes that include, grammar, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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Additional Information

Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The Continuing Education Intensive English Department at Houston Community College features a staff of highly-qualified and culturally-sensitive staff and faculty ready to meet the needs of language learners by offering programs designed to improve oral and written communication skills for work, academic, and community.


Program Goals

The goals of the CE Intensive English Program are the following:

  • Prepare learners for academic success in the American College settings
  • Develop communication skills in the global workplace environments
  • Enhance intercultural understanding. 




The CE Intensive English Program offers three of the 5 levels of the HCC Intensive English Program— Level Intro, Level 1 and Level 2.  Upon completion of the CE Intensive English level 2, students transition to ESOL Level 3 without further testing. 

CE Intensive English Full-time Program

The CE Full-time Intensive English Program is for the student who can study 18 to 20 hours per week.  Students with F1 Visas are required to enroll in the Full-time CE Intensive English if they place in the lower levels.  (Note: F1 or International students will pay out-of-state tuition fees.)

Through the Full-time or Part-time Intensive English Program, you can:

  • Learn the English Language
  • Improve your communication skills in the English language
  • Become fluent and proficient in the English language.
  • Progress to the academic ESOL courses.
  • Prepare for college coursework.

CE Intensive English Part-time Program

The CE Intensive English Part-time Program is for the student who can study only 8 to 9 hours per week. We provide day, afternoon & evening classes beginning every 8 weeks. For more information, contact one of the HCC locations: Alief Bissonnet, Gulfton, Katy, and Spring Branch.


Admissions and Prerequisites


  • Online application at
  • Before registration, students must take a placement test to be placed at the appropriate level.


What are the prerequisites?

  • Take a placement test
  • Attend a mandatory orientation and information session

The steps for applying for and enrolling in the program are the following:

  1.  Apply online to Houston Community College at
  2. Take the Accuplacer ESL test (for the full-time Intensive English Program) or the Placement Test (for the part-time Intensive English Program).
  3. Attend an orientation session (if you are a new student).
  4. Register and pay tuition for the level designated by your placement test.

To speak with our staff you may call the following numbers:

  • Alief Hayes – 713-718-6769
  • Alief Bissonnet – 713-718-5349
  • Central – 713-718-5557
  • Gulfton – 713-718-7720
  • Katy – 713-718-6689
  • Southeast – 713-718-7204
  • Spring Branch – 713-718-5281


International Students

International Students intending to enroll in HCC classes should contact the office of  International Student Services & Abroad (OISS & SA) at: or call: 713-718-8521 or

visit the website at:



Daily attendance is required for successful completion. A student may be dropped for excessive absences or late arrivals to class.


Additional Information


Full-Time Intensive English: (Monday – Friday)

Fall, 2019:                Sessions:  August 28, - December 16

Spring, 2020:           Sessions: January 21, - May 14

Summer, 2020:        Sessions: June 1, - August 13


Tuition for Levels Intro, 1 and 2 Courses 

(Full-Time Enrollment):

      Cost                            Full-Time                      Part-Time (2 courses)

      In-District                       $1020                                      $510

      Out-of-State*                $2414 (Students with F1 Visas)            


*Note: does not include insurance fees

  • In-district/out-of-state—must meet requirements
  • Out-of-state tuition—F1s and other International students
  • Payment plan is available
  • F1 students add insurance fee (consult rates with cashier’s office)
  • Tuition and fees are subject to change
  • Financial aid is not available for this program


Part Time Intensive English: (Monday - Thursday)

Fall, 2019:                Session 1: September 3, 9, 10

Fall, 2019:                Session 2: October 28 and 29

Spring, 2020:           Session 1: January 27 and 28

Spring, 2020:           Session 2: April 6

Summer, 2020:        Session: June 8 or 15



20 Hrs. $87

48 Hrs. $250

60 Hrs. $260

70 Hrs. $250


Maria Bazan-Myrick

Program Director, CE Languages

Suite 119 1300 Holman Street, Houston, TX 77004