Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA)

About the program

OSHA 10, 30, and 40 are trainings for the General and Construction Industry and are designed to help students identify the safety and health problems in a workplace; analyze the causes of safety and health problems; create a safer and healthier workplace; and promotes on how to involve co-workers in practicing safety measures as well.

Degrees and Certificates

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Additional Information

Course topics include:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Hazard Avoidance
  • Workers’ Rights
  • Personal Protective
  • Equipment
  • Material Handling


Successful students receive

  • OSHA 10 - 10 Hour Course Certificate
  • OSHA 30 - 30 Hour Course Certificate
  • OSHA 40 - 40 Hour Course
  • Hazwoper Certificate


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do OSHA courses online offer the same content as HCC OSHA?

Although there are some topics required by OSHA to cover in the training, not all training providers are using the same content. HCC OSHA training is in accordance with the Department of Labor [DOL] and our instructors are authorized by an OSHA Outreach Training Institute to provide quality instruction.


What makes HCC OSHA courses different?

The curriculum taught offers personalized and customizable topics to meet the training needs of an individual's job responsibility. Our instructors are subject matter experts and provide the trainees with best practices and knowledge to field-related experiences when questions arise.


Why are the costs different for OSHA 10-hr, 30-hr and HAZWOPER 40-hr courses?

The duration of each class is based on the hours needed to cover each required training topic and electives. The more hours a course has, the more in-depth training is required for the topics per OSHA.


What do I receive after completion of the training?

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, students receive a certificate of completion from HCC, one of the top community colleges in the nation for workforce training.  Students also receive the OSHA wallet card issued by the Department of Labor [DOL].


What types of jobs do my OSHA credential lead to?

If you complete OSHA training for the construction industry, you can expect your credential to be accepted in residential, commercial, and industrial construction companies and other 3rd party contracting businesses involved. If you complete OSHA training for General Industry you can expect your credential to be accepted in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, retail, and health care industries.


How much does it cost for the OSHA wallet card?

You are issued the first wallet card free with the successful completion of training.


What happens if I lose or need to replace my OSHA DOL card?

If your wallet card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you must contact your instructor on record that provided your training. They will reorder a new OSHA card with a replacement fee.


How much does it cost for a replacement OSHA wallet card?

The cost for a replacement card is $50.00.


Do I need to renew the OSHA credentials?

OSHA credentials do not expire but it is recommended to retake training as needed if longer than 5 years ago.


Where can I use my OSHA wallet card?

OSHA credentials/ wallet card is valid for any American employer located in United Stated and American territories, including U.S. military bases overseas.


Are there financial aid options for OSHA courses?

HCC currently does not offer federal financial aid for OSHA certification. However, there are scholarship options available through HCC Foundation.


Who needs OSHA 10-hr or 30-hr General Industry Training?

OSHA 10-hr training is intended for entry-level workers, while the OSHA 30-hr training is intended for supervisors or workers assigned some safety responsibility. Both 10-hr and 30-hr training prepare workers in Warehouses, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Storage facilities, Factory Operations, Oil/Gas Plant and any non-construction related industries. After the training, the worker is able to predict, identify, manage or prevent possible common worksite safety & hazards in the general industry settings.




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Steps to Enroll

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Standard Admission to Houston Community College- Please complete CEU enrollment form and submit by email to hcc.ite@hccs.edu. (A member from the department will contact you)


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Occupational Safety And Health Administration