Outreach Services

About Outreach Services

Welcome, Houston Community College Outreach Services develops and maintain community based partnerships that will enable educational opportunities and workforce development. In 2012-2013 Outreach services has established community partnerships that produced over 1000 students registered in Credited and Non-Credited Programs. Our objective is to coordinate communication between partners and HCC.

Certificates Include:

Vision Statement

To engage agencies and organizations that have as part of their mission the educational advancement of the populations they serve. We assist perspective students transitioning from their organizations to HCC to have a seamless experience and provide support as needed.

Outreach Services

Student Recruitment:

Through Outreach recruitment services we are able to engage in strengthen and maintain community partnerships that will enable students to successfully enroll and complete Credit and Non-Credit Programs. HCC Outreach recruitment is committed to helping students achieve their career and educational goals. Student Recruitment serves as a visible presence in the community attending career fairs, college fairs, community events and high schools functions.


Perkins Grant Support:

Program Purpose:

The Carl D. Perkins Basic Grant Program supports awarded applicants in educating students who enroll in CTE courses and programs in preparation for high-skill, high-wage, or high-demand occupations. The success of an Awarded Applicant (HCC) in educating these students will be measured by its ability to meet state targets for each of six core indicators negotiated with the U.S. Department of Education/Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) for the Perkins Basic Grant Program.

Carl D. Perkins Grant Support:

The Perkins grant receives funding to support Career and Technical Education (CTE) students with declaring their credit workforce majors. Based on the number of students with workforce degree plans and receiving financial aid (Pell Grant), the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) provides funding for students needing assistance for childcare services and other services all funded through the Perkins grant.

Child Care Assistance Available:

THECB allows CTE students to receive child care services at HCC. Below is the required child care document for processing.

Download Child Care Document here:


Allowable Uses of Perkins Funding Also Include:

  • Tutoring
  • CTE Instructional Equipment
  • Accreditations
  • Student Industry Credentials
  • Staff to support workforce student success
  • Professional Development to maintain current with workforce trends and changes

Contact Us:

Should you have questions regarding the Carl D. Perkins Grant Program, please contact Sheryl George-Jones, Carl Perkins Program Director, at: sheryl.georgejones@hccs.edu .