Continuing Education Information Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing Education Information Technology Frequently Asked Questions

What does Continuing Education Information Technology (CE IT) offer?

CE IT offers short-term, fast-track workforce training programs such as A+, Network+, Cloud +, Advanced Cyber Security, Desktop Support & Networking Specialist, Drone Technology. Students receive Certificate of Completion at the end of training/class. Generally, CE IT courses are 6-to-12 weeks, depending on the program.


I am interested in Information Technology (IT), where should I start?

The A+ certification training course is designed for basic entry level IT career.


Is there financial aid option for CE IT courses/programs?

Some CE IT programs are covered by the Texas Public Educational Grant (TPEG) based on student’s eligibility. TPEG eligible CE certificate Programs are listed on this webpage:


Where can I find the current continuing education course catalog?

Current CE catalog is available on Printed CE catalogs are available at campus reception desk and at admissions office.


Are there any pre-requisites for CE IT courses?

Prior basic computer skills are preferred. Some CE IT programs recommend completion of basic level courses before enrolling in the program. For example, for the Advance Security+ program, completion of the A+ and Network + training is required prior to enrolling in the Security+ course.


Where are CE IT courses offered? Where can I make a payment?

Currently, CE IT courses are offered at West Loop, Brays Oaks, Spring Branch, Eastside, Acre Homes. Students can go to any HCC cashier’s office to make payments or pay online from MyEagle account.


Are the CE IT classes fully Online or Hybrid mode?

CE IT classes are mostly in-person, instructors may assign projects or assessments on Canvas (


Am I considered A+ certified in the industry after completion of A+ course?

No, the HCC A+ certification training prepares students for the CompTIA+ certification. Students must pass the A+ industry exams to be considered A+ certified.


What is the next class I should take, after completing the A+ course?

After successfully completing A+ course, students are recommended to take the Network+ certification training which is 8-weeks (about 2 months), 64 hours, the cost is $695.


Is the industry exam cost included in the price of the course?

No, the cost of the industry exam is not included in the price of the course at HCC.


Is there any information session where I can learn more?

Yes, there are monthly virtual information sessions facilitated by DIT COE Center of Excellence and Continuing Education that provide Overview, Career Exploration, Q&As.

To sign up for the next info session: (Contact or for additional assistance).


What are the chances of getting a job after I complete the class?

The chance of getting an IT job increases after completing the industry exam and obtaining credentials.

HCC students have access to the Career Planning Resources and the Virtual Career Center (VCC).


How do I enroll in classes?

After student obtains HCC Student ID number, there are two ways to enroll: 1) self-enroll via MyEagle account, or 2) complete the CEU enrollment form. Contact CE IT office 713-718-2798 or