Trustee Elections

Houston Community College

Trustee Elections 2019


On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Houston Community College (HCC) will hold an election to fill three (3) HCC Board of Trustees positions for expiring terms in geographic districts I, II and VII.

The following candidates filed an Application for a Place on the November 5, 2019 General Election Ballot (listed by district and alphabetical last name):

District I

Monica Flores Richart

Dakota John Stormer

Dave Wilson


District II

Kathleen Lynch-Gunter

Linda Murray

Brendon Singh

Rhonda Skillern-Jones


District VII

Cynthia Lenton-Gary


Notice of Drawing for Ballot Position:

Notice of Drawing for Ballot Position


For additional election information:


For remaining questions, please contact the HCC Office of Board Services at 713-718-8398.  Please note that HCC Office of Board Services is unable to provide legal advice.


Notice of Filing Opportunity: