Student Notice: Senate Bill 18 Requirements and Related Policies

Nov 30, 2020

TO: First-time Students and Transfer Students (Orientation)

FROM: Student Services

SUBJECT: MANDATORY STUDENT NOTICE: Senate Bill 18 Requirements and Related Policies


Below are recent updates to College District policies and procedures that may affect you as students. As a reminder, all of HCC's policies and procedures are available on the district website, including full copies of the policies referenced below.

For your convenience, a summary of the changes to Board Policies governing student expression and student organizations which were affected by the legal requirements of Senate Bill 18 in the 86th legislative session is provided below.

Governance CodeTitle-DescriptionSummary of Change(s)
FKC(LOCAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIES: REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Revisions to this policy address the Senate Bill 18 requirement that a college district may not deny the registration of a student organization on the basis of the viewpoints or any expressive activities of the organization.
FLA(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: STUDENT EXPRESSION AND USE OF COLLEGE FACILITIES Revisions to this policy satisfy the Senate Bill 18 requirement to develop a student expression policy to include provisions for distribution of literature; guidelines regarding use of College District grounds and facilities, including requests to host speakers in college district facilities; and procedures for making announcements and publicizing meetings and activities.

Please contact the Dean of Student Success at your college if you have any questions. The contact information for the Student Success Deans and the Office of Student Services is available in the College Directory section of the Student Handbook online at https://www.hccs.edu/resources-for/current-students/student-handbook/.

cc: HCC Ethics and Compliance Department