HCC earns Texas Pathways honor for growth factors in student success

Dec 12, 2022

Houston Community College has been selected as a recipient of the 2022 RODEO award in Recognition of its Dedication to Educational Outcomes, the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) has announced.

While many high-performing institutions find it difficult to maintain growth in student success, HCC has seen dramatic improvement in all factors since 2016. For example, over the last four years, the percentage of new enrollees earning 15 or more credits in their first year increased by 30 percent. In addition, the percentage of new enrollees completing college-level math, reading and writing courses in their first year grew by 56 percent.

“This impressive growth reflects HCC’s commitment to Texas Pathways and student success,” the TACC said in a written announcement. The organization also lauded HCC expertise in comprehensive financial aid services, building sustainable practices to address students’ basic needs, and the use of student personas to improve student support systems.

The recognition is part of the Texas Pathways initiative, a strategic plan to support community colleges to build capacity for implementing structured academic and career pathways for students.

“To earn this recognition from TACC is an honor and shows just how hard our dedicated faculty is working to drive student success,” said HCC Chancellor Cesar Maldonado, Ph.D., P.E. “Our team is truly focused on empowering our highly diverse students to achieve their educational and occupational dreams.”

To learn more about TACC, visit: https://tacc.org/tacc/about-tacc.

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