Coleman Colleague: Charlsey Jimenez, Class of 2017

Sep 25, 2023

Dental Assisting instructor Charlsey Jimenez

From student to instructor: Charlsey Jimenez, Class of 2017, became a successful dental assistant thanks to her education at HCC Coleman College. Now she is an instructor at her alma mater!


Charlsey Jimenez

Spring, Texas (originally Nacogdoches, Texas)

Degree or Certificate Program
Dental Assisting

HCC Coleman College Year
Class of 2017

Dental Assisting instructor, HCC Coleman College 

Why did you choose HCC Coleman College?
I chose HCC Coleman College because I didn’t want to feel like “just another student.” I knew it had the best healthcare programs, and I knew I would receive more personal instruction.

Why did you choose your program of study?
I chose the dental field because I have always been really interested in helping others. There is a stigma with dental, and I want to help break it. People are fearful of the possible pain involved or adverted due to finances. By being on the front lines of dental care, I can meet people where they are and walk them through their procedure and aftercare, typically alleviating any fear or trepidation.

What did you like best about your college experience?
I loved attending HCC Coleman College. I felt supported on an academic and personal level. I really felt my professors truly cared about my success, both as a dental assistant and as an individual.      

What did you like best about your program of study?
I loved the lab portion. I felt like the ability to do and try everything we were being taught in the lecture allowed me to have a full and complete understanding of the concepts. This is why I love my job. I facilitate this for my students, and I think it absolutely makes a difference for them.

When you were tired, what motivated you to push forward?
When I was in school, my driving force was to be the best and also succeed for my children. My husband and I strive to set excellent examples of what a solid work ethic should look like.

What advice can you offer to help other students succeed?
Keep going. You never know what is just over the horizon … and you won’t ever find out if you quit.

How did your education change or improve your life?
My education at HCC Coleman College changed the entire trajectory of my life. It opened doors for me that would be closed otherwise. It’s such a beautiful, full-circle moment for me to teach in the same institution that afforded me the education in the first place. Forever grateful is an understatement.



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