Board of Trustee Statements

Relating to Guilty plea entered by former HISD official

Dec 17, 2021

To our community,

HCC is critically important to the Houston community. Our College plays a vital role in helping to educate more than 80,000 students each year and positively affects an entire region. Yet, with all of our many successes, when a member of an elective body violates the public trust, it can have a cascading impact on many.

The HCC Board of Trustees, together with the people of our community, recently learned of actions concerning a member of our governing board. It is clear that the actions took place while the trustee was serving as an elected official at another public institution. Nevertheless, the illegal and unethical behavior has an impact on our students, faculty and staff who give of themselves for this institution. This information was surprising to us and an issue we take very seriously. We are saddened about the course of events attributable to the trustee.

Today, December 17, 2021, the HCC Board of Trustees received notice from the trustee who engaged in the illegal actions that she resigns her position from the HCC governing board.

The Board of Trustees remains committed to transparency and acting in the best interest of the public. We shall remain vigilant in doing what is right for our students and this institution. While this situation will touch each of us in different ways, please know that we will never waver from the good for which this college is responsible. It is up to each of us at HCC to demonstrate why we are Houston’s Community College with our words, our good deeds and our committed actions. Together, we have made and will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our students and their contributions to our community.

Thank you for your commitment, perseverance and persistence. As fellow education leaders, together we will continue to build a bright future for HCC and the community it serves. It is my honor to work with each of you in the advancement of HCC.



Trustee Dr. John P. Hansen  Signature 

John P. Hansen

Board Chair

Houston Community College

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