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QuickBooks (48 hours) is a software solution designed to manage payroll, inventory, sales and other business needs.

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ACNT 1013 QuickBook - Enroll


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Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks 2019 (Custom Package)

Author: Kathleen Villani & Rosa B. James 

ISBN 9780763889166



Online on a schedule- Synchronous


Learning outcomes

  • Understand differences and similarities between a manual accounting system and QuickBooks.
  • Identify and execute the four levels of operation within QuickBooks: New Company Setup, Lists/Centers, Activities, and Reports.
  • Set up and maintain the Vendor, Customer, and Employee Centers and the Chart of Accounts, Items, and Payroll Item Lists.
  • Enter daily activities as appropriate in the Enter Bills, Pay Bills, Write Checks, Create Invoices, Receive Payments, Enter Sales Receipts, Make Deposits, Pay Sales Tax,
  • Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand, Create Purchase Orders, Pay Employees, and Pay Liabilities windows.
  • Set up and run payroll.
  • Set up and customize a new company file using the Detailed Start methods.
  • Set up and process payroll and processing.


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