PDMS (Plant Design Management System)

PDMS (Plant Design Management System) is 3-D pipe drafting software used mainly for off-shore and on-shore oil and gas industry. PDMS is also used for engineering, design and construction projects, chemical and process plants, water treatment plants, power plants, paper and pulp manufacturing. PDMS also has a marine application.

Additional Information


PDMS is a true spec driven database application that uses a proprietary relational database structure. To that end, it provides amazing job prospects for individuals that possess these specialized skill sets. The Houston metro area has many companies that use PDMS. These classes concentrate on learning pipe drafting particularly as it applies to off-shore drilling for the oil, gas and energy industries.

We offer these classes in PDMS:

  • Basic and Functions
  • Piping and Equipment Design
  • Basic and Advanced Structural
  • Drawing Production Basic and Advanced


What are the prerequisites?

All potential students must have background in 2-D pipe drafting and ideally 3-D pipe drafting as it relates to the Chem-Tech and Process Tech field.



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