Standing Together in Challenging Times

Jan 19, 2021

Special Message from the Chancellor to Faculty and Staff

I would like to take a moment to address the recent unprecedented tragic events in our nation’s capital and the continuing COVID-19 pandemic that has so profoundly affected us all.

Our hearts and prayers are with our colleagues who have endured losses during the pandemic. We are also thinking of those who may still either be suffering or recovering. Let us have hope and confidence that the new vaccines will help return us to a state of normalcy in the months ahead. In the meantime, we must remain resolute and support each other.

We also understand that, as the nation prepares to inaugurate a new president, recent events are still fresh in the minds of many and have engendered intense emotions. We acknowledge that many in our immediate community – especially our students – are affected by what is happening.

Despite the challenges, we must stand together as a community that respects not only the rule of law, but each other. We will neither allow violence nor hate to overshadow our work as providers of vital education for those whom we serve. Nothing will stop our efforts to empower our community, and our students who seek to advance in their lives and work.

As a community, we must denounce violence; we must condemn racism; and we must strive to eliminate inequality as we work toward a more just society. HCC is an institution where civil dialogue is paramount and where each person must be respected and treated with dignity.

Please remember these principles as this semester gets underway. Through your leadership, insight, and learning, you are role models for our students who may be struggling to understand events. Your commitment is critical in encouraging our students to remain focused and motivated toward achieving their goals and aspirations.

Working together – as the HCC family – we will prevail through these challenging times.



Cesar Maldonado, Ph.D., P.E.

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