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Horticulture is the art and science of cultivating plants. In the past, this referred to agriculture and simple gardening.

Deactivated Fall 2022 - Teachout until Spring 2025

AWARD TYPES: Associate of Applied Science, Occupational Skills Award

AREA OF STUDY: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

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Program Information

General Requirements


The Horticulture Technology program offers the basic knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level jobs and careers in horticulture. Students considering continuing their studies in Horticulture at a four-year college are responsible for reviewing that college’s baccalaureate degree requirements and for consulting with an HCC counselor in planning their degree program.

In addition, please note that a student may only earn one Occupational Skills Award (OSA) per academic year.

Program Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Identify key landscape plants, economic crops, insects, pests, and diseases and be able to manage them where they exist in the environment.
  • Utilize principles of biology, particularly as they apply to plant propagation and growth and the management of landscape pests and diseases.
  • Apply extensive practical knowledge in the management of materials and resources in areas such as fertilization, irrigation, pest management, and greenhouses.
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate, apply for, interview, and keep a professional position in the workplace.

TSI testing is required prior to first enrollment.




There are 294 First-Line Supervisors of Agricultural Crop and Horticultural Workers employed in the Greater Houston Area. This number is expected to increase by 0.3% over the next four years.

  • The estimated annual job openings is 9 jobs a year.
  • Median Wages - $24.66 hourly, $51,280 annually
  • Employment Number of 101,390 according to the bureau of labor statistics.


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Marketable Skills

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Landscaping Operations & Management, A.A.S.


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Dr. Kumela Tafa (Chairman)

Dr. Dalton McWhinney (Program Coordinator)


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