Maximize your HCC credits at SFA

The interior design industry in Houston is growing, with graduates earning an average annual income of $60,000. Design your future at HCC – earn your Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees from HCC and SFA, and start your career as a Registered Interior Designer.

Fall 2017 SFA classes are all online and Spring 2018 SFA classes are traditional face to face.

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Step 1: These classes are REQUIRED transfer classes to the SFA program

Core curriculm  and Interior Design classes

Communication - 6 hours
Mathematics - 3 hours
Life & Physical Sciences - 6 hours
Language, Philosophy, Culture - 3 hours
Creative Arts - 3 hours
American History - 6 hours must take this classes (HIST 1301, HIST 1302)
Government/Political Science - 6 hours
Social Behavioral Science - 3 hours
Component Area Options – 6 must take this classes (SPCH 1315, SPCH 1318)

See HCC Academic Core

 Required Interior Design transfer classes

Interior Design Major ( INDS 2315, INDS 1311, INDS 2321, INDS 1349, INDS 1370, INDS 2313, INDS 1315) - 21 hours

Support Areas  (ARTS 1316, ARTS 1312, ARTS 2348, INDS 1341) - 15 hours

See course finder to enroll

Step 2: Submit your portfolio for review

Portfolio Review

The Interior Design portfolio review is the chosen format for a student to demonstrate his/her ability to advance within the SFA Interior Design Program.

Students are required to pass SFA's Interior Design Portfolio Review before taking HMS 314 & L or taking leveling courses to compile with interior design standards.

Visit for more information on the Portoflio Review Process.

Step 3: A Minimum of 42 hours MUST be taken at SFA

SFA Transfer-Student approved policy
A Minimum of 42 hours MUST be taken at SFA with 36 hours being advanced.

Departmental Requirements (7 hrs)
HMS 100 , 300, 400(1)

Major (29 hrs)
HMS 113 (I hr), 312&L, 314 & L, 319, 410, 412&L, 414&L, 413 (2 hrs), 418, 420 (2hrs), AGR 480/425&L 

Support Area (3 hrs)
AGM 326 or HRT 326 

Remain (3 hrs)
HMS 426 or 3 adv hrs of electives

* Students must receive a C (2.0)or above on All Interior Design courses to satisfy degree components from both HCC and SFA.