Bids Under Evaluation

Solicitations under evaluation

Below are solicitations that were previously advertised and the solicitation due date has officially closed. The projects listed have not yet been finalized and may be in various stages of the procurement process. Please contact the noted Buyer responsible for the respective solicitation with any specific questions as to the status of the procurement. If no bids are displayed then none are currently under evaluation.

RFP 18-03 Executive Search Services

Due: May 3, 2018

Status: Evaluation in Progress

RFP 18-19 Energy Procurement Services

Due: May 23, 2018

Status: Evaluation in Progress

RFP 18-26 Facilities Condition Assessment Services

Due: May 31, 2018

Status: Evaluation in Progress

RFP 18-27 Comprehensive Energy Management and Consulting Services

Due: May 30, 2018

Status: Evaluation in Progress


The projects noted above are currently under the Prohibited Communications and Political Contributions, commonly known as the Blackout Period. For upcoming solicitations, please visit the 2018 Procurement Plan.